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what about it? it's true, btu it's true for just about every single game you've played as well as DLL or Library you've written using Visual Studio (and the like) as well as comments you've typed on most websites, and photo hosting sites you've signed up to. Oh and including myspace, facebook, etc.
I actually have never joined myspace, facebook, and the like. I know pretty much most of those community sites are collecting info for advertising purposes. I pretty much just don't like the fact that they can sell the info to other affiliates other than themselves without giving you a choice. I mean I've got accounts on online stores that at least give you a choice if you want 3rd parties to be given your info. You're telling me though that say the comments that I type on this website are what...collected for advertising purposes? That doesn't make sense. I'm basically curious also about the article and what they're pointing out to potential Home subscribers because I do find the terms weird. Ahh well, I could just be oblivious about the whole thing and every company operates the same way.
Oh, kids these days just don't understand. Part of it is advertising, but more for direct money.

But the thing that is so cool about Web 2.0 (even web 2.0 practices before it was called that) is that companies can make money off users by giving them a place to post their content.

So what do they do? They let you post stuff, but their EULAs say that you are giving up the copyright of whatever you post to that site for that company to use in any way it wants.

What does that mean? You can put something really cool on youtube, but then they can take it from you, put a premium on it or use it for advertising, and make money off it. When you go and ask where your cut of all that money they made is, they just point you to a 15 page 6 pt font agreement that you probably only looked at on accident while looking for the "I accept" button.

But there is some even shadier stuff going on with marketing. Did you know that verizon records your conversations to find keywords to help target their advertising? At least, they had a plan to do so about 7 months ago. One friend on Verizon got an opt out letter and opted out, but another friend didn't.

Or that google mail requires a cookie on your machine that tracks the last 50 sites you've visited? Not to mention the data they send when you use the google sidebar/toolbar. And don't even ask about Google desktop and what it does with the info it gets after it indexes your HDD.
Bungie currently does it if you want an example similar to LBP. People can make maps with Forge in Halo 3. If you share it with friends and it gets popular enough, Bungie will pass it on to everyone. But guess what you get for that map? Recon Armor -- and that only if you post on the bungie forums as well.
aww crap...I have verizon wireless o.O

I'm still confused bout the direct revenue money from comments. I'll try to research that and find more info. Btw, was there ever a perception or actual news from Sony about Home can be a place where users can make money? I mean I guess users can advertise their own websites maybe? Or maybe it's not allowed. I gotta read more.
I don't like Home all too well. It doesn't really have anything interesting to do in it. The bowling alley has what, 4 lanes to it? The small arcades have someone on them all the time. I'm not going to buy anything from the Mall and I'd rather watch movies that I own instead of through Home.
Where is my Resistance place at?
Why can't I put my trophies in my house? That is the only thing I wanted to do in this place.
Why can't I fight people? That would just be awesome if we could.

This isn't what I expected. It's not very good for something that was promised so much.
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Opinion so far does seem to be that Sony have gone for the open beta mainly so they can say that it was actually out before 2009, but most of what they plan to include just isn't there yet (which was a theme of the Eurogamer preview I linked to). At the moment you can chat, queue to play flash games or bowl, and watch a streaming flash trailer.
For me, HOME is full of perverts and morons. Why should your behaviour in HOME be any different to out in the real world. Maybe that's the point..

I was a little disappointed by the current content and I am loathe to purchase anything just incase I lose it when we receive the full release.

I'm surprised at how forward some of the users are in there sexual text chat. Do they not think that some of the 'female' avatars may be controlled by 40 year old men who look like the comicbook guy in the Simpsons?
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