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Far Cry 2 Map Editor Video
Did anyone else watch the Far Cry 2 Map Editor video and feel completely blown away by what its capable of?! I am seriously thinking about getting it on my PC now instead of the PS3 just so I can have lots of fun making maps. I mean wow. (And yes I know the map editor will probably be included with the PS3 edition, but I just figure it will be easier to create with a mouse and keyboard)
Anyone else out there have no interest in creating maps, levels, etc. if it isn't PART of the game play? I will probably get LittleBigPlanet and not touch the level editor except for just a couple minutes. I do love the idea of building vehicles in Banjo Nuts and Bolts though, because it is an ESSENTIAL PART of the gameplay.

The tools for Far Cry 2 do look particularly cool though.
[Image: design-sparta.jpg][Image: SHADOWsoldier-.png][url=][/url]

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