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What Are You Playing? PC Edition
Yes, console gaming is mainly where it's at these days outside of WoW, The Sims and Popcap, but people still use their PCs a bit, right? Right? I figured I'd start this thread anyway and see if it sinks into oblivion.

I've finally gotten around to installing The Orange Box. Once all the Steam crap was out of the way I played Portal and it was excellent from start to finish, taking Narbacular Drop's concept and really running it up into an excellent puzzle game filled with humour. Another finely crafted Valve title.

I'm probably going to go back to Half-Life 2 next and start from scratch because I never finished it and keep going back to it in bits and pieces, then go straight into the two episodes. I'm even tempted to start Half-Life all over again because I only played it through the once, then maybe go into Opposing Force and Blue Shift...
If I play something on my PC it is a browser based MMORPG called RuneScape. It is addictive but I take long breaks from it from time to time.
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Wait...the PC still plays games? No WAY. :uhoh:
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Yes the PC still games Ben! I have the Orange Box, Crysis, Tiberium Wars, Alone in the Dark, Aliens vs Predator 2, Counter Strike, Starcraft, Battlefront 2, and Warcraft 3 on my PC, and anxiously awaiting Starcraft 2 thank you!
I haven't played anything other than webgames for a long time. My last installs were the Dawn of War trilogy and even though I'm a huge fan it wasn't enough to keep me away from my consoles.
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For someone that says that a true gamer should own a 360 and a PS3, I'm not understanding the PC bashing. It's been a breath of fresh air for me throughout the incredibly dull lulls between decent console titles (which are usually better on PC if you have the machine to run them). I know it was supposed to be a joke and stuff, but really?

Anyway, I've been playing planescape torment.A much, much better RPG than some of the stuff I've played lately. I seriously don't get the quality drop in the genre.

Unfortunately The Benny, it looks like we're alone in our endeavor to gaming on the PC.
Ahhhhh Runescape xD :hail:

Still havent gotten episode two and I'm beating myself over being so lazy!!
But I do enjoy playing HL2 with cheats haha
just messing around a bit can be tons of fun. Also looking for G-man that tricky bast*rd!
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i havent got a gaming PC.. but if i did, i would have this one... ahem.

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Unfortunately championing PC gaming mostly involves looking back. Some of my highlights are from the BioWare/BlackIsle RPGs like Baldur's Gate and Fallout which aren't being made any more (though Dragon Age is a possibility, even with console ports) and adventure games like Monkey Island and Full Throttle, a genre which has fallen so far out of vogue that LucasArts (its champions) don't even make them any more.

All it really has now is the better control system for RTS games, a slight (and frankly negligible) edge in FPS games and the benefits of being an open system.
As Benny just said, it involves "looking back."

You won't find anything "fresh" on the PC. Hasn't been in over a decade. That's not bashing, that's just the way it is.
"Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools talk because they have to say something."
-- Plato

"Small minds are interested in the extraordinary, great minds in the commonplace."
-- Elbert Hubbard

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