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Where do you buy your games?
Do you dig for deals? Do you just go to your nearest store with games? What do you guys do?

Personally I do quite a few things, since I'm always looking to save money as a poor and jobless college student. If it's a brand new game for some reason circuit city likes to give out 10 dollar gift cards with new games. Spore is an example of this. I think you get a free t-shirt too.

Most of the time, though, I go to This cool website that watches out for random game deals, you'll never know what you find.

If I'm getting something not-so-new I'll try, they have these 48 hour madness things where they put games on sale for 48 hours, I got the Witcher for $30 brand new this way plus shipping. It was pretty much awesome.

The last few things I do is check amazon,, and ebay. Especially amazon, if they drop their basic price on a game chances are dirt cheap used games are in store.

As a last resort, since I consider them a giant ripoff and a cancer on gaming, I'll go to gamespot if it's opening day of a game and I find no deals anywhere.

To conclude, unless your game is brand new, and even in some of these cases, I think buying games in person is insanity. Unless of course you're just that impatient, which I can understand with newer titles. MGS 4 is still the only game I've paid $60 for thanks to digging around. I could have gotten it for 60 and a 10 buck gift card at some random website, but I was looking forward to it too damn much.

What do you guys do to hunt around for deals? I figure there are some gems out there that we don't all know of.
Back when i bought games a lot i got great deals at Best Buy. I dont think they offer the deals like they did back in the 90's but they are probably still pretty good. Oh i know for a fact that Circuit City offers good deals, and online they offer even better one's, i get weekly mailings from them. At one time or another i bought games from EBonline, Eb in store, Gamestop(have a store nearby). Also, i was so into gaming i made friends with store managers and employees and they often got me very good deals through their own abilities. I used to buy games from rental stores that brought good money (SNES in particular) and sell them to Funco/Gamestop and make a lot of store credit that way. Even bought my original PS through a sweet offer by a video game store. There was a online store that went outta business some time back, cant recall their name but it was based outta NYC and i made some great deals there also. Its hunt and peck, man, if i was into gaming as much as i was then im sure i could mention even more...
Ever since I started working at gamestop I will pick up used games once and a while, like when somebody trades in something rare, if its in good condition. Or if a game I really want is coming out I will get it there.

I get a lot of games from gamefly also. I've been a member for a long time now so I get 10% off and free shipping. A lot of times you can be the first person to get a game and pay $10-$20 bucks. Most of their games are very well taken care of, and the case and booklet are kept in storage until someone decides to keep it.

Yesterday I was up early and I found myself looking for old videogames at garage sales, woot.
A friend of mine found a special edition of a somewhat old game at circuit city. Apparently the game had been there since it came out, and survived until it was marked down to 20 bucks. I cant remember which game it was, but it wasn't crappy
I scan around online and then if I still think I can get a better deal I'll go to the high street stores. I show no store loyalty.
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For just good in general shopping, going to pawn shops is a great way to make a deal. Used to buy a bunch there, ive even bought consoles there also, usually for considerably cheaper than used systems elsewhere. When i bought my playstation originally, Babbages was giving you $100 store credit for a SNES or Genesis game console. I went to a pawn shop and bought 3 consoles at $50 each and got $300 store credit at Babbages for my Playstation. Definitely a great way to buy a new system, did something similar with my original ps2. Had a bud Gamestop manager mention that i could still get good store credit for my Dreamcast and games, so i traded em in for over $200 store credit. Then although i was already way late to be put on the ps2 waiting list at their store, they still put me in the #4 slot so i would get my system on release. Making friends with store peeps has definite benefits...
Back in the day, like you're talking about farfus, it was completely acceptable to go into a game store and trade in your games. Now gamestop is highway robbery, there are no two ways about it. Except for the odd 25% off deal, there is no reason to shop there unless you want a game the day of release. None.

I also sadly have no pawn shops near me, the last non gamestop place closed down, and the only independent game shop that I've been to is really really far away. Gas is too much to really go that far.

What's your discount at gamestop jedi? I'm serously convinced you could still find stuff cheaper than that if you looked around.
#8 if they have a good deal (they tended to have games on sales by $10 on release date last year). I'm willing to wait 2-3 extra days if it means I'll save money.

Or FutureShop/Best Buy for common games.

For games I know that will have limited printing, EB games.
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We don't have any game stores here, only general entertainment stores that stock music, DVDs and the like and they're rarely competitive on game prices, especially when there's nothing else around to compete with. We do all our shopping on Amazon or Play.
I usually purchase games at Best Buy as I like the particular store I go to. I find Best Buy has sales on PS3 games that are unadvertised and can really surprise you sometimes.
I also check out Gamestop for used games. They rip you off if you sell them your games but sometimes you can get a good deal buying used.
Thanks for the tips on the websites. I'll have to check them out.

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