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Where's Stanley
I saw this and it made me think of poor Stanley, a long standing forum member.

Does anyone here keep in touch with him independantly? Just wondered how he was doing.
\"...and he shall ascend from the fires of Hell...\"
"everyone knows second hand squirrel kills." - Svosen
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Theres lots of members that i wonder what happened to.
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Hasnt posted in almost two years, i expect he is finishing up college. He never had a good pc or good connection so expect being able to post is really tough. Probably most of the people who used to post are in college and involved in other life changes that dont involve gaming and they dont have a pc so cant get on here. People do move on, eh.... i dont think Stan is any stranger to hurricanes, though...
Haiti isn't exactly the most stable of places even without being hounded by storms. I don't know specifically what happened to him though.
With the recent events in Haiti, made me think of our little Haitian buddy.
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He was in school in the U.S. last time he posted...
I didn't know there was a forum member from Haiti. I was just there in September on a cruise(stopped there for about 8 hours).
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He used to be a regular.
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He was a big DMC fan you remember thinking about sending him DMC2, Shirt? Way too expensive on the shipping i recall....

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