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Sunny plays his first PC game in years (spore)
SHADOW Wrote:OFF TOPIC WARNING: Zapix. You changed your damn avatar and have completely messed up my system of simply scanning through the forum when I don't have time to read everything word for word. I didn't read the name on your recent posts and completely thought it was a new person. I hope you are proud.


Good thing I don't have an animated avatar then eh!
9/2/2010 - Leaving PSXE. The site imo has become a breeding ground for fanboys and extemists. I can get my PS3 news anywhere, and PSXE does not breed a community that is exactly welcoming.

Some of you shall be missed though! I think you few know who you are Smile
A few of you are actually on my PSN list at that! Cool
LAN parties definitely were lots of fun. Setting all the PCs up around a couple of desks, then searching each other's computers for music, games and porn to copy over to yours, before eventually getting around to some gaming. Not something I've done since I left school though.

The PC definitely is a great gaming platform. It's the only open system so it can have games the consoles won't allow, the games can be modified, extended and supported by users long after the developer has given up, the control scheme beats consoles for several games and there are no licensing issues adding to game costs. But my graphics card sucks and there's no incentive to upgrade it now, not for maybe Stalker and the Witcher, especially when I have more console games than I can feasibly play right now. The kinds of games that interest me just aren't there for the PC at the moment.

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