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Favorite MGS games in order?
Inspired by Ben's [really late Wink] editorial I've played and beaten all the games except for the two NES ones, well, I played the 1st NES one but not much. So I was wondering, in what order do you like the MGS games up to 4 and most importantly, why?

4. MGS 2:

So I've played this game a metric ****ton of times, I've beaten it on hard in about 8 hours, I know it almost in and out. I love this game very much, and it was that first step to MGS's bright future into the 128 bit era. The gameplay was flawless, the story a bit convoluted, but mostly, it just wasn't as good as the other ones. That's really its biggest flaw, which honestly isn't saying much. I enjoy this game, but there's something to be said for a story that doesn't quite make sense until you've played it two or three times and really filled in the blanks.

3. MGS 4:

This is where the line gets really blurry for me. It's such a tossup between this and my next one that I'm not really sure what the deciding factor is. I guess it's that impact MGS 1 had on me when it first came out that puts it over the top, which is to say it gets 2nd place because it came out sooner. This game is great gameplay wise, but if everyone would just shut the **** up for a minute and let me play the game instead of watching it, that'd be great. That is to say, the story is fantastic, the ending one of my favorite in any game ever (the last boss fight anyway), and the fan service in later chapters solidifies this game. Unfortunately, the story is awfully told, for me, it ran circles around itself until it was out of breath and you were bored and confused.

Luckily for me I know the games like the back of my hand, and I understood the story. I got annoyed when this game didn't get high story scores, what it lacked in was truly the presentation. I'm 99% sure there was a much better way of telling it, and I got sick of being explained something I already knew. If a fan wants to get in the series read some stuff online or play the first three games, it seems like it wants to explain absolutely everything from all the games to me, and that's a waste of my time. It makes the game length inflated, and the cutscene length doubly so. I'll live with it, but it detracts from the enjoyment and there is an utter lack of immersion because of it. MGS IV needed more talk and less action, and the pacing was just awful. I love this game to death, but I condemn its bad presentation and lack of judgement when it came to pacing.

Again, I hate that this game got docked in the story department, I'm sorry that it's not your run-of-the-mill mindless retarded FPS and that you didn't understand it journalists, but if you've played the other games the story makes perfect sense.

2. MGS 1

This is one of my favorite games of all time, there is no doubt about it. It introduced me to something that was engaging in every sense of the word. From the plot to the characters to the refreshing game elements to the quirky sense of humor Hideo Kojima loves to display in his games. It is the most cinematic game I've played of its age, and it's grounded enough (unlike MGS 2) to feel legitimate and immersive. At the time the graphics were really great, and of course like all the other MGS games, the soundtrack is amazing. I will continue to replay this game over and over because it doesn't get old for me.

1. MGS 3

I know this won't be a popular pick for most, but to me it was the best MGS game. To me, it's not even close. The other 3 MGS games are plagaued with story pacing issues, I feel the pace in this game is perfect. I feel the gameplay was amazing, that the Fury is the coolest designed villain ever, and that the ending was one of my all time favorites. It's just such a great twist. I also feel like this game is more focused on the emotional side of Snake, and it really sets up the other games beautifully to catapult the series into great heights. To me this IS the prototypical video game.

It may have something to do with it being the least hyped of all the MGS games, the one with the lowest expectations, the one Kojima made for himself without as much compromise (or so I've heard), or maybe it's just the fact that it isn't burdened with as much history and backstory to explain as all the rest relative to the present time in game. I'm not honestly sure, but it solidified what MGS 2 did gameplay wise, while adding a much greater and more difficult setting, great boss fights, and a much better story than its predecessor. This seems like the game Kojima really wanted to make, and it switches up settings to keep everything fresh while not burdening you with too many long spells of dialog that you aren't too bored, either. I'm sad that this is the least revered of the 4 games, I do believe it is the best in nearly every aspect (obviously MGS 4 has better gameplay elements... it's newer).

As for my closing statement... well..., "I need scissors, 61!!!"
3=. MGS4 - Not played it.

3=. MGS3 - Not played it.

2. MGS2 - Played it for a few hours, lost interest shortly after the vampire-type things were introduced.

1. MGS1 - Played it for quite a while and got quite far into the game, but never bothered finishing it.

I'm a bad gamer Sad
It's ok, I'm a bad gamer too, I think FF is awful. Wink
FF awful? what RPG's do you like?

i would say

1) MGS4
2) MGS3
3) MGS2

..still havent played MGS1 Sad bad gamer too.. still waiting for Mr Sony to add it to the PSN list.

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The kind without asinine stories? Grinding style gameplay that isn't fun because it's turn-based? A game that doesn't take itself seriously but could qualify as a glorified children's book depth wise? The kind with interesting characters? Can we please not turn this into some FF debate? I hate them, other people don't, I'm ok with that.

Couldn't you buy a used copy of MGS 1 for pennies nowadays? You can always 'acquire' it for PC. Though the sound quality is lackluster.
i think if i was to buy MGS1 i think i will either get a dirt cheap copy of Twin Snakes for the GC and play it on my Wii or just wait for the PSN MGS1.

I take it that Twin Snakes is just an updated version of MGS1?


im not turning it in to a FF debate, just interested what RPGs you like.

Legend Edgemaster of the Unicorn. oh and nine thousand fake forum tokens, 3 real ones and 5 special tokens mysteriously protected by a blinding white aura.. 

""Bombing for peace is like ****ing for virginity"

"NO OFFENCE" R.I.P @PS3 :evil:
Oh, ok. Among my favorites are Lunar 1 and 2, Fallout 1 and 2, Legend of Dragoon, Neverwinter nights, Baldurs Gate. I'm probably forgetting a million of them, but that's the gist of it.

The thing with the Twin Snakes is that they updated the control scheme so it's like MGS 2. It makes the game waaaay too easy, and a lot of the original voice actors aren't in the game. It kind of robs it of a bit of personality IMO. Besides that it's pretty much the exact same game.
I played and beat MGS1 once and got bored. Played MGS2 once and got bored. MGS3 got me as far as level 2 and I got bored.

Not touched MGS4 and have no real intention of doing so. I just don't find the games fun to play.
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nice games! ive played all those RPG's, apart from Fallout, looking forward to Fallout3!!

and Gabe.. I promise, nay.. I REALLY promise that you will enjoy MGS4 at least past the 2nd level!!

if you ever see it cheap, you must pick it up, great game.

Legend Edgemaster of the Unicorn. oh and nine thousand fake forum tokens, 3 real ones and 5 special tokens mysteriously protected by a blinding white aura.. 

""Bombing for peace is like ****ing for virginity"

"NO OFFENCE" R.I.P @PS3 :evil:
I haven't played any of these, but I have MGS4 unplayed in my gaming shelf.
I do not feel like if I would understand much of the story. It might just make into my PS3 one day.

I don't feel like playing the other ones, so will I still understand part of it or should I read more in the Database thing?

I am not in to so much action titles so don't call it a sin to not have played it yet
I play 90% RPG and some platform games if they are good. I am also after excellent story driven game which I know MGS stand for.
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