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So the core 360 is down to $199
Wow, you can get a new 360 for only $199 now, which naturally makes me curious as to whether or not Sony will respond this year. We shall see if Sony makes another move, im sure its still wouldnt be enough to make me buy, but always good to see those price changes!!!
The 360 just got crazily cheap, which it really needed to do to stay competitive now the PS3 is closing in on it and consistently beating it in monthly sales. I'm not sure how Sony will respond because opinion seems to be that they'd rather not take even more of a hit on each unit sold, but they might have to.
So are you on track for a ps3 purchase this year, Benny? I never read when you were planning on getting one, it would suck buying one then have the price drop, but stuff happens....
Probably will be getting one, but not until it's coming up to Christmas. By the time of purchase any deals and price cuts should already in place, if indeed any are planned.
I'm surprised the core system is available for sale. I really expected them to phase it out after the first few batches had been sold and the first pricce cut his the premium system.
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I'm not. They're the first to reach $199. That's a pretty big milestone, even if it implies a user-base segragation.
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I just thought MS would be quicker at trying to filter out the non-harddrive model but I guess there is still a large market there.
\"...and he shall ascend from the fires of Hell...\"
"everyone knows second hand squirrel kills." - Svosen
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Well at least this will end the should i buy a used or new Xbox 360 threads lol. No reason to buy anything but new now. I had just noticed that the prices on all models have dropped and no one had mentioned it, guess the 360 isnt getting much loving about now...
In Peter Moore's big interview with the Guardian he mentions how much the hard drive in the original Xbox was killing them because they just couldn't bring the price down, which factored into their decision to outright stop supporting the console. Taking that into account the continued existence of the core system makes some sense, it's their cheap system that makes the headlines for its low price and allows them to minimise the losses incurred getting there. That the console as a whole is a little poorer for it is an acceptable price for them.

It also serves to highlight Sony's position somewhat, with a hard drive, a Blu Ray player and the Cell processor. Comments on the hardware never being profitable and forever dragging down the profits of this generation don't seem that unlikely, at least if they want prices to stay competitive.
If any of you turn into new 360 owners due to this new deal, here's a quick list of games you should definitely look into:

Gears of War (and the sequel this fall, obviously)
The Orange Box (just way better on the 360)
Halo 3 (duh)
Beautiful Katamari
Lost Odyssey
Forza Motorsport 2 (not as good as GT, but still a decent sim)
Splinter Cell: Double Agent
Ninja Gaiden II
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