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Gaming Memories
Does anyone remember Pong when it came out.....and I mean first came out? My brother and I played for hours. A stick and a Good times!!
Norrec Wrote:I finally got Bioshock for PC a few weeks ago since I got my new major upgrade and have been playing here and there, and just recently got to the submarine mishap, probably not too far but enjoying myself as such, are you saying that there are things to come that will blow my mind? I can't wait.
I won't say much because I'll either give it away or build up expectation too high, but essentially while I was playing through and listening to the audio diaries I was occasionally wondering "but if X is true (as the diary said), then why does Y happen?", and you reach a point that makes sense of it and alters some key parts of the game up to that point. It was presented in a pretty powerful scene too, so for me it was all good.

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