I knew it wasn't a real dig but I wanted to also explain why I still haven't accepted the contact request despite my last PM to you Big Grin
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So I talked to Ben, I guess he has to talk to the owner of this place. I haven't heard anything other than that but our attempt at a chatroom is underway!

Thanks Ben!
That is good to hear Superjew, I hope they "listen" to their forum members for ideas because that is what makes a community happy. IRC channel is very easy to setup.

Hope Val or some other dood will come up with something.
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Hopefully they keep us informed of what's going on. Would love to see this chatroom thing come together.
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So I just came in here to ask about the status of the request, Ben? Arnold? Any of the demi-gods around here? I'll shoot Ben an email by the end of the week if I don't get anything back here.
All right, so I guess the whole crew has been super busy and Ben hasn't been able to ask about the chatroom yet. Which is not surprising considering all the games that are coming out, he says he might be able to ask after the holidays are over.
Good to hear. It's if nothing else an interesting idea that deserves some sort of test run.
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