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Release Date for PS3 160GB
This morning i got an email from amazon telling the official release of this wonderful unit with Uncharted and a Pain voucher, will be released November 30. So save accordingly. :rox:
Wow only 499 for 160gb version, I remember paying over $900 for my 60gb model when it released here in Norway.

Everything is a bit more expensive here in Norway. Mostly twice as much. So I laugh at people who think $399 or $499 for the PS3 is a lot when I gladly payed twice that. But it is probably not fair to compare the superior economy of the Norwegians to the "shot my self in the foot" economy of U.S and A.

But to be honest they should just put in a 320 gb HDD instead and be done with it, not just bump it up to 160gb which is very 2006. Seeing now that Westerd Digital have released a 500gb S ATA 2,5" HDD that fits in my PS3 I might upgrade once again, from 250gb to 500gb.

Half terabyte hdd for PS3 don't sound so bad =)
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BlinkBoy Wrote:I remember paying over $900 for my 60gb model when it released here in Norway.


People in the U.S. really need to stop complaining about console and game prices.
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