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What're we listening to?
Do share. I've got:

Bullet for my Valentine: Poison, Scream Aim Fire, B-sides and Covers Collection
Scars on Broadway
Foo Fighters (everything)
Burning Brides - Anhedonia
Keane, The Killers, Queen, and some Coldplay at the min on my mp3 player.
I just finished listening to Franz Ferdinand's Tonight. Damn fine album, albeit not nearly as evolutionary as the band had said it would be.
I'm just average, and that suits me just fine, as being average suits so many other average people.
I've mostly been on a Ministry, Pitchshifter/Pitch Shifter and Dead Kennedy's kick lately.
Children of Bodom

I usually just enqueue my entire mp3 collection though and listen to anything to country, metal, rap, industrial.
[Image: lighedshirt.gif]
Elvis Costello
Neil Young
[Image: MrSunburnMan.png]
Right now it's mostly Arctic Monkeys and some tracks one of my DJ friend puts out (DJ uLove, remember it!) with a fair amount of Albert Hammond Jr. and MGMT.
Add me on the PSN: chrizzizzippi
Stalk me on Twitter:
Deep thoughts are deep:
Nothing front to back right now, but I always have something on my playlist by Hank Williams Jr, Brand New, Tim McGraw, Linkin Park, All American Rejects, and Eminem. Last Album I got was Taylor Swift. I guess I need some new music. I love country.
I have at least a gig dedicated to Tsunami Bomb at all times. Mindless Self Indulgence and Boston(you know the greatest band of all time) are also constantly playing in my head as well as my PSP.
"The multiplying villianies of nature do swarm upon him, disdaining fortune with his brandished steel....which smoked with bloody execution." - V
Coheed and Cambria
The Mars Volta
Nine Inch Nails
and Dredg
"I'm the body with the coroner, Many friends yet still a loner."

"Black then white are all i see in my infancy. Red and yellow then came to be, reaching out to me."
I am The Giver. Thank you Tool.

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