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Good deals for gamers
There's probably something worthwhile in here for somebody.

I can't remember who asked me if I liked Dark Sector or not, but for 10 bucks it might be worth the risk.
Ok guys the ps2 event at Amazon is starting right about now, may wanna go there and check it out! Its an all day event...

oh and this deal for KZ2 at

Another good preorder deal, I would imagine its good until March 13th.

Resident Evil 5 for 54.99 free shipping ($5 savings)

Resident Evil 5 special edition for $79.99 ($10 savings)

If you are a first time customer at, they have a $5 off coupon on purchases of $75 in music movies and games so you could get the special edition for $75.

This week only, so until Sunday you can get Left4Dead for the 360 at Target for $39.99, I think its in store only.
I saw l4d for $35 recently somewhere, just not in a hurry to check it out...

Gamestop has a good promotion running from now until April 4th. You can trade in 2 select games and get Resident Evil 5 for $19.99. There are probably about 50 games for each console that qualify.

I traded in Grand Turismo 5 Prologue and Civilization Revolution myself, both games I had acquired long ago for cheap. I will see if I can scan the flyer of qualifying games since there are so many. Anyways, I think it's a great deal.
Killzone 2


Free Shipping (3-7 days)

I just ordered my copy yesterday and they shipped it today.

From now till 3/9/09

Buy 2 Bluray movies, get 1 free
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, I know.....times are hard,
but [B]I'm throwing this out here anyway!, just in case somebody's interested......

$100 card credit on a new 80GB PS3

(FOR A LIMITED TIME)if purchaced on their Playstation credit card
Also, 0% APR for 12 months on all qaulifiying purchaces over $299 or more.
BONUS OFFER: Spend an additional $3000 on everyday purchases & recieve another $200 credit

Plus, anytime you use this card for everyday purchases, you'll earn Sony rewards points, gredeemable towards Playstation games, Bluray movies, Sony electronics, & much more
Amazon now buys and sells games directly, like Gamestop. I bought a ps2 game called Trapt, the latest Deception game from Tecmo. Expect i will be doing a fair bit of business buying and selling that way now...

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