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What Are You Playing Right Now?
Well, World of Warcrack has a new expansion out now and that has been sucking up most of my gaming time. What extra time I have is spent playing through the Halo Masterchief Collection. It's been a while since I played some of those titles so playing them in HD is pretty cool.
The fact that the Sun is maize and the sky is blue is neither in our control, nor is something we fraudulently contrived. It just shows that God has excellent taste in colors.

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I'm liking Warlords of Draenor so far. It's been a while since we've had an expansion that digs into the series lore I'm interested in, ie. the things from the RTS games. I think Blizzard have been getting consistently better with how they tell stories in each expansion, but apart from Deathwing the last two expansions have been kind of light on classic characters. Running around with all the orcs from the Warcraft 2 clans, crossing paths with characters like Gul'dan and Ner'zhul, is pretty neato.
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Dipping in and out of GTAV and Far Cry4 at the minute. Spending a lot of time in Dragon Age Inquisition though.

Where is everyone at on this game ?

I have loads of side quests open in Hinterland and about 2-3 main quests, also some stuff to do in Haven as well.

Really enjoying this game a lot at the moment.
This place is so dead.

Currently playing :
The Evil Within, I like it a lot.
Infamous First Light, I think I collected all the collectables and side missions already.
Diablo 3 whenever my brother can play.
AC Unity, got bored after a couple hours, I let a coworker borrow it from me.

Finished Wolfenstein, and Valiant Hearts since my last update.
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Right now I'm playing Arcania for the PS4. It was only $20 and is relatively entertaining. The graphics are last-gen (which makes sense since it's a cheap port of a last-gen game), the voice acting is hilariously awful, and it's pretty cliche but, for $20, it entertains me and that's what games are supposed to do.

Tomorrow Halo 5 comes out so I'll be playing that for a while.
The fact that the Sun is maize and the sky is blue is neither in our control, nor is something we fraudulently contrived. It just shows that God has excellent taste in colors.

PSXEtreme Name: SirLoin of Beef

Currently playing AC & have done almost all I could do, & about to get into the GameStop mission "Tyranny of George Washington" DLC pack.
No Man's Sky. Skyrim SE freed me for a bit but it looks like I'm back in with NMS.
Im currently playing a mix of 3 games. My current backlog is killing me.

- Assassins Creed Ezio Collection - Assassins Creed 2
- Horizon Zero Dawn
- Nioh
Testing a reply.
Just recently finished up Prey. It was awesome, a nice combination of Bioshock and Dead Space.

Went out and bought a new laptop today with a GTX 1050 Ti 4GB, gonna hop back into Mirror's Edge Catalyst and check it out on Hyper settings.

And, as always, Overwatch. Always Overwatch.

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