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What Are You Playing Right Now?
Anyway, I've been playing a lot of Stardew Valley on the Switch lately. Also still trying to play through the Uncharted Collection on PS4.
I enjoyed Stardew Valley when it launched on PC, though I did spent a whole year courting a girl only to have her reject me. I play games to get away from that sort of thing!

I've paused my playthrough of Uncharted Collection. I've finished the first two games again but I didn't enjoy certain chunks of Uncharted 3 the first time around so my enthusiasm levels aren't high. I'm trying to motivate myself by telling myself I won't play Uncharted 4 until I've slogged through 3 again.

Right now I'm playing Shadow of War on PC. I was originally overconfident and stuck it on nemesis difficulty, but after a few hours of promoting new captains out of every fight I put it down to normal. Now it's far too easy and fights aren't a challenge unless they get very large. The game gives you a lot of interface tweaks though so there are probably a few things I can adjust to make it more challenging without being excessive.
Currently Playing: Shadow of War (PC) | Nathan Drake Collection [Uncharted 3] (PS4) Breath of the Wild (Switch) ReCore (XBOne)
Good to see you Benny! Sounds like your having fun. Haven't played a PC game in a long while.
I've been working through Horizon Zero Dawn on PlayStation4 recently and enjoying it. Considering the last Guerrilla title I played was Killzone 2 it's a nice surprise to find that Aloy is actually well-written and likeable, and the world-building in general really seems to have had some effort put into it. I think I would have preferred to be hunting animals or monsters instead of machines, because as it stands they are shaped like animals, have the behaviours of animals and you harvest from them like animals, but they're all faceless robots. Hopefully the sci-fi angle is going to come with some big pay-off later in the story and it isn't just about showing off the engine. The game does look very pretty though.

I've also been playing Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle on Switch, which shouldn't work as well as it does because mashing Mario characters with the horrible Rabbids franchise and putting them all into an X-COM game sounds completely dumb. It really does work though, the Ubisoft team having made a cool little turn-based strategy game, where the familiar Mario charm smooths a lot of the rough edges off the normally-obnoxious rabbids.

I'm technically still playing Shadow of War on PC but haven't touched it in a little while. I like the siege angle but it does mean you're moving to new zones all the time, and as I like to complete everything before moving on there's no obvious reason to backtrack. In the first zone I carefully cultivated all the enemies and had the whole nemesis thing going, but now that you're doing the same thing over again in each zone there doesn't seem that much point in getting attached to any one place. It's like in Shadow of Mordor or Far Cry 2, where you spend ages in one zone before it sends you to another and essentially starts over again, and completely kills my enthusiasm for the new place.
Currently Playing: Shadow of War (PC) | Nathan Drake Collection [Uncharted 3] (PS4) Breath of the Wild (Switch) ReCore (XBOne)

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