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The Beatles Rock Band

Haven't seen or heard anything much about this.
All I can say is... FINALLY

This is gonna be fun :rox:
Wasn't MTV Games quoted as saying the Beatles game would not be a Rock Band game? f***in' idiots.
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Dude, I don't even trust MTV for music info/news.
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Deep thoughts are deep:
I still want a Guitar Hero Megadeth. I think that would be the shit! Or maybe a Guitar Hero KISS. And I want to see some Skid Row in Rock Band and Guitar Hero. GH rocks the 80s had Skid Row, but I need more than just 18 and life.
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Personally I would love to see rockband: modern rock. made up specifically of songs from the bands Seether, Nickelback, Alter Bridge, Shinedown, Chevelle, Red, Theory of a Deadman, etc. I simply was never a big fan of classic rock.

Now that I think of it you could probably make a Guitar Hero: Canada with all the major bands hailing from that country right now.
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This would be great, i grew up listening to my dads records. He has every single beatles record Smile now he's just transfering them to dvd and then putting all his vinals in plastic to keep them safe.
I would love to see Rockband or guitar hero Megadeath or tragically hip,nirvana ect.. man so many great bands out there to think of.
Guitar Hero: Led Zeppelin would be more ideal.

What better way than to take the most iconic rock band of the 60 and 70s? They paved the way for rock.
I am not a big fan of The Beatles, but it sure would make Rockband a lot of cash. I would like to see a Metal GH or Rockband. The previous games have not included much metal but more popular songs.

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