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Uncharted 2 Collectors Cool Idea
1 Uncharted 2 390 pages leather Artbook inspired from the book that Nathan had to find directions

2 Uncharted 2 2-Disc game soundtrack 1st Disc The Soundtrack 2nd Disc The Score

3 Uncharted 2 4 Hours Behind the scenes and Making of Blu-ray Disc

4 Uncharted 2 Main character Nathan Drake 21" cm Fully detailed figurine with also the ring necklace (like bioshock's and better)

5 Uncharted 2 Game Disc - Behind the scenes and Making of - Soundtrack 3 in 1 Blu-ray Steelbook case

See the image link below down third image right

6 Uncharted 2 3 Double-Sided HD 1920 x 1080p Posters of the game's places and main characters

7 Uncharted Nathan's Drake silver necklace ring (the ring from the uncharted 1 that Nathan wear with the cord and the symbols-letters on it)

8 Uncharted "Gold" life size Coin from uncharted 1 (that one the Nathan had in his hand all the time and from the loading screen?)

9 Uncharted 2 one object that you decide is better to represent uncharted 2

10 Uncharted 2 in game content outfits and from uncharted 1 for Nathan and also flags outfits T-shirt - pants United States-UK-Greece-Italy-France-Spain-German-Japan-etc

11 Uncharted 2 not exclusive but nice to mention in-game photo mode with zoom motion blur and everything

12 Uncharted 2 metal old like chest box inspired from the treasures chests in uncharted as the box that will have all the goodies

13 Uncharted 2 card with special message to the uncharted fans you know a few nice words to us

14 and last a bonus cd with lots of wallpapers in 1080p for the ps3 and 2 uncharted 1 and uncharted 2 special themes

All you uncharted supporters what do you believe if Naghty Dog was releasing a collector's like the above?Smile
I'd have to say, that's one hell of an expensive collectors edition XD also #6 are you referring to real life posters? If so you don't need to put HD and a resolution lol But if that did some out...i dunno, I'd be pretty temped to buy that
god damn shame they didn't make this. the ring, coin and the dagger would be awesome
[Image: zorigoest67.png]
My copy is a collectors ed with steel book Tongue got a few bits of DLC but not that lot posted there, would be nice tho
The Force Is With Me.......And I Still F**k Everything Up

[Image: DarthKoth.png]

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