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Games that make you throw your controller....
I would go with Prince of Persia. The platforming control scheme in that game is so "simple" that for me the character was often doing something other than what I wanted. I love the game but it was annoying at times.
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for me i would have to say Lair man i loved the look of the game but i got pissed alot with it.
My hubby says Resistance 2 due to serious frustration, lack of amo in the game from the aliens, first one way better than 2nd in his opion
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I've never thrown a controller before in my life probably because my gaming style would be calm if I get killed by Solaris all the time I would just look at my mistakes and focus on the damaging the boss.

But then again it didn't annoy the hell outta me, but Ferrari challenge has sometimes pissed me off since I brake too late

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