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EA to blame for lack of Custom Soundtracks

Quote:Is it because Microsoft owns the patent on custom soundtracks in games? This is something that makes me laugh every time I see one of the less educated ones spouting it off. That's an absolute fabrication. Patents don't matter,
No, the reason we had to drop Custom soundtrack support like that has nothing to do with Microsoft. It does, however, involve a different company. A rather large company. You see, one of their games happened to fall into the 5% that didn't support in-game custom soundtracks.
And they did not like this. When they found out that a new firmware update was going to suddenly make one of their games look inferior to just about every other game released, they protested. A lot. They threatened everything, from legal action to dropping support for the PS3 all together

Cant add anymore due to PS3 but there's proof on the comment section that its EA! YES NOT ACTIVISION
Rumour !!!!
:lol: it is a rumour but everyones going crazy over the internetz EA forums have been hit hard with hate,
Yeah its only chat and CSTs but everyone can live without it so its just kids/n00bs jumping onto the EA Hate train
lol that sounds like a lot of BS to me
This is why all EA games on 360 have custom soundtracks?
That was a strange mess of pseudologic.
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I call bunk.
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Shoota Wrote:This is why all EA games on 360 have custom soundtracks?

haha good point EA games even had custom soundtracks on original Xbox.
Wipeout HD got custom soundtrack, and I think Stardust HD too. Wipeout also add cool effect on the music if you drive through tunnels the music will echo back with cave effect.
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That really is a strange post. Even if an old EA game didn't work properly I don't see how that would matter. EA's whole approach is to release games as close to annually as they can manage and show off the new features, and supporting custom soundtracks in a sequel would add to the reasons to upgrade.

I certainly don't see Sony holding back a major feature like global voice chat on the basis of a few old EA games. That's maybe the biggest feature these days that Live has that the PSN doesn't.
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