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Anyone here playing Operation Flashpoint:DR?
recently acquired OF: DR, very well the best military simulator ever made... wondering if anyone else has gotten this game and what they think of it...

main reason why i ask is cuz i need sum1 2 play online with... im only with my bud atm...
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We do have a thread about it here in General Gaming, though most there didn't seem to like it as much as you do.
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I bought it last week and brought it back yesterday. It wasn't the worse game I've ever played but it wasn't great. There were times when I'd have my shot well lined up and shoot but still for some reason I'd hit the bad guy and all they'd do is start crawling on the ground instead of dying from the head shot. Also in some of the missions I was able to control my crew no problem but the dudes I was rescuing (i'm referring to the rescue the pilots mission) the pilots would just run out into the middle of the gunfight unpredictably without warning and get blasted before I'd have time to defend them and get them to the checkpoint. I know this game is based on real time strategy and that's why I bought it, but it didn't work as well as I think it should.
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