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Which music game to get
OK, been out of the gaming 'loop' for awhile. I was thinking about getting a Guitar Hero or Rockband. Dont know which to get. Pros cons? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Damn I wish I knew where to look for an overall series track list. That is where you are going to find which one is a better fit, the one with the songs you want to play.

I've always liked Guitar Hero but skipped this last one for the above mentioned reason. Legends of Rock and World Tour both have great setlists.
I say get RB, it has a huge library of DLC that they won't abandon with future installments.
Ahh, heres a link to FHM that has a full track comparison between RB2 and GH:WT
Good ideas, check what songs you can get and reviews, etc, personally im a long time beatles fan so that one would be a no brainer...
After reviewing that list myself RB2 looks tempting The Replacements-Alex Chilton is a great song, would love to jam away with that.
I would say that Rockband would be a better choice. It seems that those who are more into music, and instruments, playing, etc., seem to have a lot more fun with the Rockband series. Plus, you can always get the GH games on clearance at Target and use those tracks with Rockband. I've seen RB2 go for around $50 for the whole kit and right now Target has a bunch of music games on clearance, throughout the country. They'e also got Band Hero and DJ Hero being clearanced out at some chains. I don't have many details as I'm not interested in those. I did get DJ Hero for free, through a contest, but it's still boxed up.
Im leaning towards GH5 for the track list.
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This may be a dumb question but are all the guitar hero games compatible with the drums or what? New guitars backwards compatible?

Drums and guitars compatible with rock band as well?
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The drums arent BC but the guitars are. Oh and the new guitars dont work for the PS2 versions.

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