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Playstation Move (Official Topic)
[Image: m-logo.jpg]

I decided to start an official thread instead of the "early impression" one since the Move is out now for a month. Share your stories about Move here and games.

Playstation Move Compatible Games:

[Image: m-hr.jpg] [Image: m-hvb.jpg] [Image: m-mag.jpg] [Image: resident-evil5-gold-edition-ps3.html] [Image: m-re5.jpg] [Image: m-tw11.jpg] [Image: m-ruse.jpg] [Image: m-nba2k11.jpg]

I'll update the games and update info in this topic.
Playstation Move Games:

[Image: m-sports.jpg] [Image: m-eyepet] [Image: m-kung.jpg] [Image: m-tv.jpg] [Image: m-start.jpg]

Playstation Move Games Coming Soon:

[Image: m-s.jpg] [Image: m-socom.jpg] [Image: m-brunswick.jpg] [Image: m-sly.jpg] [Image: m-theshoot.jpg] [Image: m-jdpsg.jpg] [Image: m-fight.jpg] [Image: m-lbp2.jpg] [Image: m-time.jpg] [Image: m-tron.jpg] [Image: m-mel.jpg]

Well, High Velocity Bowling UK key is region locked so I have to wait until Oct 26th in order to play it with the Move. It sucks but spending $9.99 off PSN rather than $39.99 retail is good. Most of the unlocks and DLC from it is not that great. I did play it tonight with the DS3 and it's pretty good. I won't play it again until it has the Move support.

Went to my buds tonight and did a 4 player Bocce match and 4 player Disc Golf session. It's great for parties.

Today I also traded in the last of what I can trade (DVD wise. I've been putting off upgrading these discs to Blu-ray long enough) and got this:

[Image: hr.jpg]

and this:

[Image: navcon.jpg]

I played the Heavy Rain demo with Move support the other day and it's damn good. It took me forever to start that damn car lol. I've never played this game before (Been wanting too). So playing it the first time with Move support should be interesting. I used the DS3 with the demo and felt it really needed the NavCon. Most game right now support the 2nd Wand controller so that should be my last purchase with the Sony Charge kit.

I know most people have already played Heavy Rain but I'll give you my impressions on it later on. Big Grin
[Image: catdafelix.png] [Image: catdafelix.png]
You seem to be enjoying this device a lot. Have you tried any shooters with it ?
I'm absolutely sold on the move hardware. It has the fidelity I needed when I decided to pass on the Wii. I can see the possible uses in games that I enjoy playing. But right now there's no software, at least nothing worth buying the hardware for. The device needs a killer app. It needs something that shows me that this isn't another in a long line of peripherals that has a ton promise that never follows through on those promises. The truly sad part of it, for me at least, is that none of the upcoming games look like they'll make good on the promises of the hardware either. I'm happy to see Sony is going all-out and outfitting their top tier titles with move support, but the fact is I'd rather play Socom with a DualShock.

Sports Champions looks like a bit of fun to play with friends. Sorcery looks like a good step in the right direction. But where is the killer app? I think I know what it is, and I hope that Bethesda has realized the potential, as I have. The Elder Scrolls 5, could be that killer app. The "real" game that is actually more appealing to play with the move then it is with a DualShock. Why not? If you think about it there was nothing particularly complex in Oblivion. There's no reason the game can't be played with the move. And who wouldn't rather actually swing their sword than mash the R2 button. Sorcery proves that accurate spell casting is possible (and pretty entertaining if the game around the mechanic holds up). The only real problem I foresee is that the absolute soonest we could see this game is fall 2011. That could be too late to prove the viability of Move.
[Image: design-sparta.jpg][Image: SHADOWsoldier-.png][url=][/url]
I got a chance to play a few games of Sports Champions with Ben and I have to say it was far better than I originally thought. The sword fighting was my favorite, and you really had to move around. Even fit people would get a bit out of breath after playing that game for an hour or so. Anyways, when I get mine I am looking forward to trying out MAG and other shooters with it to see how it lends itself to serious gaming. Anyone else try it w. shooters?
[Image: ViperIsin.png]
Sony is a proud and powerful company. How did you end up working there, and what has that experience been like?
"I really am living the dream. I mean who wouldn't want to work for a gaming company - and the best one at that? The only thing that could make it any better would be if we were making video games out of chocolate. And trust me, I'm working on that." - Kevin Butler
What is Heavy Rain like with the Move ? As Shadow said "Where is the killer app?" Not sure yet so may wait not getting it for one game. Played the Sports Champions one and the Racket game one, didn't make me want to buy it then but did enjoy them. Going to wait and bide my time I think.
I have move and bought Sports game along with it. It is really fun and get a bit difficult on medium lvl for me with the bow&arrow.

The Gladiator is fun, nice workout with that one. A problem I see with this and RPGs is that you might be tired after one hour, there is a lot of dialogue in those games so you do get some small breaks I would think. But it can certainly be involved in RPG gameplay in the future.
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has anyone tried KZ3 with move yet? im wondering what its like with that gun too...

if its like how im hoping, I will most likely buy Move.

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