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Playstation Move (Official Topic)
I used to have problems like this too, The thing I did is play around with the calibration a little bit until I found the setting I want.

The way I did it though, was not in the "settings options" I did it from the screne calibration (where you point to the corner of your TV screen and pull the trigger.)
I found that if I actually went to the full width of my screen, my Move controller felt slow and clunky,so I just aimed my shots to make the controller think I had a smaller TV. It smoothed every thing out in the game play and didn't feel as clunky.

I also found when I first started using the controller, I used to swing the gun as if I was holding a real gun, which used to screw everything up. Once I wrapped my head around the idea that my world was only as big as my TV screen, and shrank my movements down to fit the screen, It got less clunky as well...

Hope this helps! Even though it's not well supported, I'm still enjoying using the Move, and just recently replayed through Resistance 3 with it, and even did some online Socom with it too. (not that you admit that to anyone on there...:lolSmile

As for the shoulder thing, I had a similar problem, I found if for a little while I dropped it off my shoulder and used it like a sub machine gun for a bit that helped.
The biggest problem I have is that I can't play sitting down, so if I'm doing some long gaming, I need to be standing up. My legs used to get tired until I started wearing Comfy shoes while playing to ease the fatigue...And yes that makes me sound like I'm way out of

And Low Key, If you're ever up for playing some CO-OP Move Socom, send me an invite anytime. I'm always up for it. I know you're in Ontario which means I'm 3 hours behind you, but let me know if you ever have time....or anyone else who wants to get some online games in for that matter.
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Sooooo...tonight is dead thread revival night for me...Big Grin I know there aren't many fans of the system in here, but is anyone still using their move besides me? I still use it fairly frequently, though not as much as I used to. We had some friends over the other night who have a kinect, so we played through some Move games, I think their sold on getting a PS3 now..:lol: it helps that their 5 year old daughter loved it..but anyways, I just wanted to see whether anyone new had picked it up, if anyone old was still using it..etc...

As for me, I'm still pretty satisfied with the games I have with it...I'm kind of trying to platinum Sports Champions with it right now..but it can get pretty challenging....
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