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I am Alive
I didnt see a topic on this so I was just wanting to get everyones ideas of what this game could bring us.

We know it's going to be survival and the game does look beautiful but what sort of enemies will we be facing? On top of that what sort of inventory system will they be using as well as a kind of health system. Hopefully it wont have to do with regeneration that's always boring and the easy way out.

I'm sure there is plenty to talk about since I havent seen too much press on this game.

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I remember reading some updates, earlier this year, and the game FB page was updated with a Winter 2011 release window. You can see some Q&A on the page's wall here. The game has been re-engineered and there were two videos up on YouTube but they have since been taken down.

I scrolled down and found some release dates.
UK: Mar 31, 2012
Germany: Mar 31, 2011
Australia: Mar 31, 2012
US: Mar 31, 2012

I believe that German date is supposed to say 2012. Wink The above dates were posted on November 26, 2011.

Here is the "Comeback Trailer".
[Image: rmartinez10.png]

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I thought this was cancelled.
I'm sad that this is going to be a DL only title. Hopefully this will be good, but I have a feeling this will be a short game.
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