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Xbox One
So the announcement was pretty much just a confirmation of all the rumours we had heard recently.

8-core CPU: Seems to be the exact same chipset as the PS4.
8GB RAM: Is only going to be GDDR3, with 32MB ESRAM to boost it.
Blu-ray: A custom-built bluray player, not sure what they mean by that.
x64 architecture: Should fan the flames of the PC fans.
Improved kinect:
TV features: A whoooole lot of TV functionality. The console is basically half set top box. I already had inside information about this, so I knew what to expect.
Physical console: Looks incredibly boring and nothing innovative at all, really is a huge disappointment.
Always on: They didn't mention it at all, but the continuous use of the term cloud and connected definitely makes it seem like this is going to be true.
Installed games: There was a rumor that all games will be installed, from the announcement I think this may be correct, they hinted towards this several times. 500GB HDD isn't enough for this, but their push on cloud gaming may support this.
GAMES: So games only took up a tiny part of the conference, as opposed to the PS4 spending the majority of the time being about gaming. They announced that it will launch with 15 exclusive games, with 8 of them being new IPs. Which I laughed it, because they obviously NEEDED to create new IPs to boost their exclusive portfolio. None of the games impressed me, except the new COD.

So there was nothing really exciting about this, it really does feel like a console-set top box. To me personally it is a cheap way to sell more consoles. Gaming is not the centre piece of the console, it is just a feature, which isn't a good thing for gamers, but the Wii has proved, its not just gamers that sell consoles.

I really feel like this next generation is going to define what the consoles are. The PS4 right now feels like a gaming dedicated device, while the Xbox feels like a more open entertainment system.

The only thing I got excited about was the COD Ghosts preview, I really have high hopes for the new engine, and the possibilities of next-gen consoles.

EDIT: Something they pointed out in the IGN post-announcement breakdown, is that this conference doesn't really seem to take any shots at Sony at all, it felt more like a shot at the all the TV networks out there, and other companies like Apple. They want the entire world to take notice, and have sort of said "Sony isn't important to us any more, we are better than that now".

EDIT2: Another HUGE thing, is that there was barely ANY developer feedback on the console, they have said practically nothing about it. A vastly different reaction than the PS4's announcement.
Well, Microsoft have been saying, for many years, that they want their Xbox to be the center of the living room experience so this iteration is the next evolution in what they're trying to do. They've constantly bashed Apple and many cable/sat. service providers saying that they (MS) are not going to go out quietly and show people the "true" living room experience.

I didn't see anything that can't be done with a net-connected TV, an HTPC, and tablet, besides the obvious Kinect command, in terms of TV content and viewing experience. But... the public will gravitate to the all-in-one device because it does make things a lot easier for those that don't want to spend time tinkering with their setup.
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Ok in our new forum here that's now clean and tidy, can an Admin merge the 2 Xbox One discussion forums together I know I posted in Frosty's one but any chance we can have em both together so were not talking in 2 different things on the same item ?
How the hell did this one get missed? :rofl:
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"Working out everyday, slapping the double chins. They're so purdy." :rofl:

I opened this thread as soon as the show finished Sad

Just use the one in GD. lol. hahaha.

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