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Xbox one
A 2 minute summary of the Xbox One announcement. Best. Video. Ever! LMAO
Spartan119 Wrote:Not that I was terribly interested in buying one before today, but today pretty much convinced me that I'm never going to.
Same. I wasn't against it, if it was going to have awesome games, but the rest of the stuff has me really not wanting to deal with this hassle.
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Holy crap, I'm not sure I could be less enthusiastic.
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So games are installed to your HDD and linked to your Xbox Live account, when you take the game to a friends house you can log into your account and play it for free, but if you want to play it on any other accounts, they must pay the full price of the game again.

The most intriguing thing about it, is that this whole registration process obviously requires internet access, so what happens if your internet is down for a week? You won't be able to play ANY new games during this time.

A quote from the Kotaku article. "It sits on your hard drive and you have permission to play that game as long as you'd like," Harrison said.

I have Microsofts permission to play the game I just paid full price for. Yeah.... F**K THAT. That sounds SO bad.
Yeah Akuma.. thats what I was thinking. when I go away on holiday for more than a week I turn everything off.. so say I was away for three weeks... would my Xbox1 blow up? stop working? destroy itself? lol... does make you wonder what the hell MS are actually doing.

I know so many hardcore Xbox players saying that they're going over to PS4 unless convinced otherwise by E3 since this announcement... I really think that in a time when so many devices give you home entertainment on the level that Xbox1 is attempting to give you that it could attract a very negative outlook from the very people who made the Xbox the console that it is today.. the gamer!
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Lol mainstream media is reporting a completely rose-tinted glasses side of the conference. What a joke.

So more news I have uncovered.

As we thought, the TV features won't be available in all countries, in fact it won't be available in Australia at launch, so I'm assuming other countries will be the same. ALSO, the TV features do infact require you to purchase a separate device.

Microsoft: Hey our new console has sooooo many cool TV features. But it will require you to purchase a separate device that will probably cost an arm and a leg, and won't even be available world wide.

Exact quotes from the press release:
"At launch, Live TV will require a supported receiver device with HDMI output (sold separately)."

"Live TV with Kinect navigation, Live TV with OneGuide, Trending, and NFL on Xbox available in U.S. at launch; anticipating global scale over time."
This all proves even more that I feel like MS is focussing its attention on the US. The fact that they hosted the conference at a time which wasn't practical in most of the mainstream countries. For example, it was 3am in Australia.

The PS4 conference was at the perfect time, I don't think any country in the world had to get up unbearably early for it.
Okay, so I was wrong, the new Kinect actually has an IR sensor, so it can in fact see in the dark.

THAT is sort of impressive, even if it is old technology.
Sounds like MS is going down the wrong road for sure, definitely wouldnt be interested, they would lose a big share of the pure gamers market which would be foolish...
It's ironic how this next gen, where they share the same architecture, the two platforms are more different from eachother than they ever were with the current gen consoles.
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