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Are Gamers Really That Miffed About Plus Being A Requirement?
Spartan119 Wrote:It seems like you just want to think something is true when it's not because it makes more sense to you, but to be honest if you didn't even know these exploits existed, it's not like this is an area with which you have much experience Wink

No, it's more that I don't like to take things at face value. I don't just accept things just cause someone say it is so. I need to see the facts behind the claims. Annoying? Probably. But that's just me.

Of course I knew of exploiting lag spikes, that's hardly a secret, it's what every old gamer know from back to when the bandwidth was not as stable and ping response jumped all over the barometer, and players rubber-banded like crazy. Then it was impossible to avoid, so when you saw a player on the rooster with a high ping time, you just knew you could use that to your advantage.

I am however very surprised if it is true that many/most(?) games today accept a lag created by a cable cut of some duration or particularly a modem standby. I find it hard to believe - borderline impossible - that such high fault tolerance is implemented in a game today. This is something I need to try and see for myself on a few games (sorry!).

Furthermore, that concrete cheat of inflicting lag spikes like you describe, now that is something that *can* be detected, easily, on a peer-to-peer session too. That is simply just a question of where you set the tolerance on network irregularity, and to what degree the two clients are allowed to be out of sync. It's dependent on the application (game). This is precisely what I meant being dependent on the individual games.

It's not these kind of cheats they are putting resources into detecting. It's most definitely local modifications on the files and supporting cheat-applications like "aim bots" that are the big bad wolves here. And that is simply not easily done on a console, and that is the entire reason I say that I believe there's less cheating on consoles. It's just logical to assume so.

What I do know however, is that people scream foul play whenever they meet someone on a multiplayer arena that is remarkably much better than themselves (something that is bound to happen a long time until they got their own skills up).

So when someone return from a multiplayer session, butthurt and with the illusion of their own skills shattered in pieces, the first thing they do is to play the "cheater" card. But were there any? Probably not. And then, later, when they get their skills up, well then it's their turn to receive the "cheater" accusations.

It's the circle of multiplayer-life. Smile
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"I want to see the FACTS"

*makes baseless assumptions to support pre-existing, uninformed viewpoint*

It's not like you can't Google this shit yourself. There are actual guides and sites dedicated to explaining to people how they can cheat on Xbox Live.

And while moron teenagers are quick to cry cheating every time they lose, some of us are actually intelligent and mature enough to tell the difference between when we got our asses kicked and when we got legitimately screwed.
Spartan119 Wrote:makes baseless assumptions

No-no, not assumptions, I promise to try and both quickly unplug and replug the cable and turn off and on the modem and see if it works. If it indeed does work, I will tell.
I do reserve the right to doubt it, but I don't know that it doesn't work. Not yet.

Spartan119 Wrote:It's not like you can't Google this shit yourself.

I did, but all I found after a couple of half-hearted attempts was cheat code guides. And since you're in the know it'd be awfully nice if you could just have included the links instead. Do you only know about guides for Xbox live or PSN too?
PSN & Steam & Wordfeud & UniWar: Beamboom
I'm mostly on my phone for the next few days because my laptop is kinda borked atm, but Googling "most common cheating methods xbox live" (or substituting psn for live) should return plenty of results.

You're right that it's easier to implement things like hacks on PC since you can edit file folders and such easier, but as I've pointed out what makes it easier to ACTUALLY CHEAT on consoles these days is that they don't run on secure servers for the most part, and despite what you claim there's still a necessarily high lag tolerance for most multiplayer games because even broadband services have to cater to the lowest broadband denominator and lots of countries still have crappy internet, and playing with people worldwide basically dictates that lag is a common thing.

And you don't need some special, 'high end' router to do simple stuff like lag switching, and you don't need any tech experience to do soft mods, either. I really shouldn't have to spend time pulling links together when your Google works just as well as mine.

Console cheat detection/prevention has surely gotten better since I played on console frequently, but even a quick look on Google will tell you it's still a problem, a problem that Steamworks simply doesn't have because of VAC. You can either Google that yourself if you don't believe me, or just trust that I'm not lying to you to win an argument, I don't particularly care :rox:

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