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Where the hell is everyone at??????
I've been gone for about 2-3 years after losing my internet due to a severe financial hardship, & now that I'm back, all I see & hear are thousands of crickets throughout this forum & throughout all it's threads.

Hell, even starving zombies are having a hard time finding brains to eat around here anymore!

Yeah, unfortunately this is no longer the hub for discussing games it once was. On the plus side there are a handful of us Chinook, Frostface, dillonthebunny, dso, as well as myself that get together semi regularly to shoot the shit, on the PS4. We play games like Monopoly, Hold 'em, chess, various mp shooters(Destiny, CoD), and adventure games(Diablo). Don't know if you have a PS4 yet, but if you do feel free to add me and if I catch on I'll drop you a line. If none of that interests you, that's cool too lol.

Anyway glad to see your back and doing well.
[Image: Deadman216.png]

Likewise, feel free to throw a friend request my way if you've a PS4 and are looking to just talk shit with the likes of Deadman and myself.

On a side note, it's good to see you back again. I remember you saying you where going through some real difficult financial shit, hoping it's behind you now?
Feel free to add me on psn: frost-facechilla
Follow me on Twitter: @thebadbearddude

[Image: frost-facechilla.png]
Thanks for the welcome back, guys!!!!!

Yeah, been through a really rough patch the last few years & had to go on our public assistance roles(called "Welfare" in the U.S.). I hated it the whole time I was on it & they gave barely enough assistance to me to anything more than just survive.
Plus every government person I had to deal with acted with an extreme arrogance, acting as a tyrannical dictatorship that's want's you to lick their boots. It was all I could do to hold back from cold-cocking any one of those smug self-righteous holier-than-thou, bastards.

Plus, as a loner(and a biker) who extremely hates how our government likes to always pry &/or meddle into my/our personal affairs, it was freaking me out that I had to supply them with any of the personal info that I did.

But I was gladly finally able to get off that bullshit program(& since I turned 62 in late 2014), I was able to jump over into our Social Security system(which all my bosses & myself to pay into since I started working at age 14). And although I'm only getting $200. more a month now, I've been able to save enough to get a "Uncharted Collection" PS4 bundle during the last Black Friday sale.

Now, I rarely play multiplayer(only did KZ3 & a bit of ME3), but if you're still interested in connecting, just shoot me a friend request, my username's same as it is here on PSXE, BikerSaint.
Hey biker and friends, I just play heyday on my kindle fire, but it's fun. After spending hundreds of thousands on game systems im happily down to a ps3 and still haven't sold my turbo duo. Have made several hundred selling old games, it's amazing how the value has risen.Still have several to sell! I hoarded old games, happily no more. Have a great holiday season!
Wow, even the main site is done now. Rip Psxe! I recently retired my 35 inch jvc tv I bought the same day the n64 came out. Enjoyed that tv right at 20 years! Looks like they are gonna leave the site up a while, somebody say hi sometime let us know whats new!
This is weird. I remember visiting this site when I was a kid, still in high school. My original account was from 2003 but I got into an argument with Zidane, at least thats what he went by at the time not sure of his real name.

In any case, randomly decided to check this place out and cant believe its dead. I thought it would go on forever.
Also I cant believe I remembered my passwords to both accounts.

The other account was Cube.
This place COULD have gone on forever.

There were many people in the community who would have volunteered to keep it going with our own articles and content here and there, could have become a crowd sourced news site haha.

But alas, the owners of the site lost interest in it many years ago. They won't even hand it over to someone else who is.
Thanks for the response, guys! Lot of great people were here, too many to count. All people enjoying a lot of the same video game entertainment. I was a huge ps1 fan and from there the interest slowed noticeably. But because so many of us had gotten to know each other we would hang out to talk about anything, especially technology related! Although older I've always had a lot of interest in technology related topics. I still have many old games and they are worth$. But some of the members had huge collections! Ok let's hear from more members, I recall Zidane/bryan well, always wanted to differ with most of us.

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