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Where the hell is everyone at??????
Yeah I'm still kicking, got back from the left coast on Sunday, been running ever since. I still work with supplies at a local hospital but in about six weeks there will be some big changes so we could be seeing a change or two in personnel. Been a whole lotta changes in our country since any of us were regular posters! It's good to hear about your son, I recall all you we're going through. Went to CO about 4 years ago, the Broncos have been my favorite team for some time, I have a lot of their team gear! Expect you and your folks are getting along, I help my mom get along so she can remain semi independent. Keep hanging out!
Yeah the Broncos are the best Smile
In about six weeks preseason football kicks off, time is a flying! Did a fantasy league this past year, there is so much luck in that game it's not too enjoyable. I'm sure like any game people turn it into a business and make out good! Fantasy sports are all about the betting. It wasn't hardly like that years ago when we had the psxe league.

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