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Let's Talk About No Man's Sky
(07-31-2018, 08:43 AM)tlpn99 Wrote:
(07-31-2018, 07:32 AM)frostface Wrote:
(07-31-2018, 07:25 AM)tlpn99 Wrote: So how is everyone finding No Man's Sky ? I have finally found an okish planet to repair my ship however I won't be staying there as it's a bit toxic for my liking. I need to find the materials to repair my ship now. I saved it there last night so will try to get back to it tonight. How is everyone else getting on ?

I need to get back to it but yeh I'm enjoying it. Kinda like having a second job at the moment though. Go here get this and that to build this thing and that thing. I mean that's the game right? So just getting on with it. If I was to pick one thing that confuses and frustrates me, it's that the game is all about mining resources yet I get these sentinel things attacking me when I do these things. I've been very careful not to be attacking other living creatures, I get how that could be seen as bad. But getting attacked by sentinels when I'm just mining for the stuff that the game wants me to mine, that just seems unfair. I had jumped back into my space ship to get away from them but they attacked it so I had to take off until the alert was called off.

Yeah I don't get the sentinels myself, just attacking you if your only like shooting the rocks etc as you need to do this to mine for the resources as you say Frosty. Unless your not meant to do it in view of them ? I have tried this tactic and they just seem to appear out of nowhere. I have tried doing a scan but that doesn't show them up. Annoying. I had to run away as my ships grounded until fixed lol, hid in some cave and it was searching for me until the alert went.

Depending on the planet you're on, sentinels may not care about you at all, or may attack you on sight, or anywhere in between. Usually you can mine in front of them, but not too much. Just waiting until they go away usually does the trick. If you need to you can destroy them with your mining laser, too.

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