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Demo Discussion
did........did you just call Suzuka bland..........Im lost for words lol
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lol, well yes i did. but thats kind of my point.

you ..or at least i thought we might get something more regular from the original, like Trail mountain or Laguna, because instantly you go "wow what have they done!! amazing".. but thats not the point of the demo i dont think.

at first im like "yeh, bit bland" now i think.. perfect perfect choice for this demo, not only is it an unusual choice, but its actually quite a hard track to master, and the more you play it, the more you notice in terms of detail. a track we can play over and over..get better and better at it.

and of course it will all pay off when we play the full game.

youre right, how could i think it was bland!! lol... im sorry.
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The Jericho reviews coming in seem a little divided. A few are very positive, making it clear that the few negative points don't drag down a great game, with most settling for it being an above average FPS harmed by being released around a lot of really great FPS', while 1up absolutely hated it, being the only review so far to put it below 60% with a horrible 3/10 score, prompting the Eurogamer reviewer to question whether they even played past the first few levels.

Eternal Sonata (Xbox 360):

The first thing that struck me about this demo was the graphics because they really are beautiful; vibrant colours, excellent cel-shading on the characters and details that look lovely in HD. I can't think of a game that's immediately wowed me more with its visuals. The game itself operates on the odd premise that as the composer Frederic Chopin lay dying of tuberculosis he entered a dream world populated by other sufferers of incurable diseases, a world that in this game takes the form of a Japanese turn-based RPG.

The combat is fairly novel, allowing the active character to move around and attack freely for the duration of their turn, after which they are frozen in place while the next combatant acts. Each battle has areas of light and shadow, with the playable characters having different attacks within each illumination level and enemies having different strengths or weaknesses within them. Overall it seems likes there's a lot of potential for different strategies from it.

The demo doesn't last long enough to give a proper glimpse of the story, but the interesting premise, solid, novel combat and the very pretty graphics have left me rather impressed.
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Eternal Sonata, while beautiful, was a disappointment.

The cut-scenes are long and drawn out, the voice acting gets annoying pretty quick, the game is very, very linear, and the story is paced terribly.

It was a great idea, but the story just isn't as gripping as it makes itself out to be.

While not a terrible game by any means, it just doesn't live up to it's potential.
Well that's a bit of a shame. I still think it'll be worth picking up when it's cheaper and I don't already have so many games to work through, but it definitely had the potential to be one of the most original RPGs for some time so for it to fall short is a little disappointing.
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It'd defiantly be worth picking up at a cheaper price of admission.

Although the game has several flaws, none of them are so terrible to the point where I wouldn't play, or recommend the game.

The game simply doesn't live up to it's potential.
Scene It? Lights, Camera, Action (Xbox 360):

Another of Microsoft's attempts to attract that casual audience that both the Wii and PS2 are doing a good job of courting, Scene It? is essentially Buzz for the 360. The full games comes with four Big Button Controllers which have several advantages over the Buzz ones, namely that they're wireless and each one has its own colour to help avoid mix-ups, though I would have thought that any PS3 version of Buzz would sport the same improvements. As it stands the demo allows the use of the standard 360 controller and it was a little confusing because the list of answers appear alphabetically, like so:
  • A: Answer 1
  • B: Answer 2
  • X: Answer 3
  • Y: Answer 4
Which in no way corresponds to the layout of the controller buttons, so I kept pressing Y (the highest button) for A (the highest in the list), but the full game won't have that problem.

The individual rounds are quite varied, with things like composite images missing one small detail, finish a quote and the like. Some of them took me a few turns to figure out exactly what needed doing but I would put that down to my not paying attention than any major issue with the game. One round suggested it was a memory game that would ask questions about the clip and proceeded to show a clip from King Kong atop the skyscraper. I did my best to remember the number of planes that attacked, how many Kong destroyed etc. but then it asked about the director, who plays the love interest and the name of Jack Black's character, none of which were seen in the clip.

All in all there's some potential here, especially if the different game types can keep up the variety, though the price (same as a regular new 360 game) may make it less attractive than the Buzz games. One minor criticism I'd throw its way is that the questions aren't voiced in the demo, meaning that it could easily favour the quicker reader over the person with the best movie knowledge, but then the Buzz games have always favoured the quickest reactions. Oh, and it doesn't have a presenter anywhere near as cool/annoying (depending on your opinion) as Buzz.
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The Bee Movie Game (Xbox 360):

There was little chance of this being yet another average licensed title to another lacklustre animated Dreamworks movie, and in that sense it doesn't disappoint. I'm not sure if the entire game matches the demo but the demo itself is one long quicktime event, with your bee rushing across a city throwing up direction or button commands that have to be quickly pressed, while Jerry Seinfeld occasionally calls out something (I think he voices the bee).

Aside from a few neat touches that occasionally show how large the bee and car models must be it largely fails to be as cinematic as quicktime events should (I thought the whole point of QTEs was to allow the player to do things that otherwise can't be managed with conventional controls). In general it all seems a bit contrived because there's simply no reason the bee couldn't fly a metre or two higher and avoid all the traffic.

Looney Tunes: Acme Arsenal (Xbox 360)

As this was downloading I cast my mind back to the last time I played a decent Looney Tunes games, which was hindered somewhat by the realisation that I hadn't actually ever played such a thing. The continued failure to capitalise on what should be a fantastic license overflowing with quality characters and scenarios is shameful. Acme Arsenal doesn't really do anything to change that, opting for the standard "put them all in a generic 3D beat-em-up with minor platform elements" approach.

The demo sees Bugs inexplicably (at least within the demo) teaming up with Marvin the Martian to clear a spooky castle of the army of robots that inhabit it. Both characters control the same (even down to the small stubby-legged martian jumping as high as Bugs) and all in all there's very little that marks it out as a Looney Tunes game. It's all very generic and average, to the point that even the co-op play isn't enough to boost it.
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PES 2008

some crappy amimation, graphics have a lack of polish and an iffy framerate on replays(maybe thats just the demo) but get this: none of that matters because it plays like an F-ing dream, if I wasn't committed to getting other games I'd be getting this right now, but it will have to waitSad I will have it as soon as pos tho
The Force Is With Me.......And I Still F**k Everything Up

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It's taken me a while so I'm posting a new message.

Conan PS3: I don't own heavenly sword and so I thought Conan was quite good. It was easy to pick up the controls and once I learnt to time the power attacks I was happily hacking off limbs. Conan isn't normally the sort of game I would buy but I will admit the demo left me wanting more. The graphics are nice but not astounding. This may or may not be improved before final release.

Jericho PS3: I enjoyed this demo although having the multiple characters just wasn't needed. You are given control of three of the seven game characters, focused in close combat, sniping and heavy firepower. Although I tried all three I spent most of the demo controlling the close combat specialist and letting the others do whatever they wanted. I can imagine that this would be typical through the entire game except for the areas where you are forced to use different characters. The graphics and atmosphere is nice but it definitely isn't Bioshock. I think the poished final product could be worth a look if it includes a co-op multiplayer.

Juiced 2 PS3: Well, as has been the case with most of these types of game demos it looks very much unfinished with nice graphics in the car modification menus which are let down when you get into the game itself. It's ok to play but there is certainly something missing. I think the demo is too small and you'll find you spend more time tweeking the car than actually racing. It's worth a download just so you can get a taste but I don't think it will make you want to buy the full game unless you are a hardcore street racing fan.
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