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Demo Discussion
As you probably know DK I have PES2008.
The full game plays like a dream like you say.
But unfortunately it is spoilt by some horrific slowdown/framerate issues in cut-scenes and replays.
Some replays are so bad their un-watchable.

In-game in most stadiums you get a little bit of slowdown on corners and when the box is crowded and in the Bernabau stadium its basically everywhere.
You can install some data to your HD and that does help a bit but its really disappointing Konami put out this game with these glaring issues.
100% should of been delayed.
The online is un-playable at the minute too but I've heard their working on a patch.
And I've also read on some other PES forums that their working on a patch to fix the offline problems but I dont know how truthful this is....
Apart from the slowdown issues though its the best PES yet in terms of how good the gameplay is.
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Looking at both Conan and Jericho on meta-review sites show a wide range of opinions, even amongst the bigger sites. Jericho in particular has a review range of 30% to 90%. From my experience of their demos I think both games could be worth me picking up when they're a bit cheaper, especially if there's a period next year where I don't feel as inundated with guaranteed quality games as I do right now.
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Crysis (PC)

Almost didn't bother with this at all because my PC in no way comes close to the recommended hardware spec, and for a game that has had a lot of hype surrounding the spectacular graphics the engine is capable of it seemed kind of pointless for my humble system. The game ran fine at low quality but the gameplay didn't really hook me. The different modes of your nanosuit are interesting but for some reason I never found myself drawn into the kind of gameplay that all the reviews are gushing about, quickly switching modes on the fly to attack enemies then leaping away over buildings or anything like that. It just seemed like Far Cry with extra powers, wandering round a tropical island that largely looks the same all over and killing soldiers.

I will go back and play it again on hard (where the AI is supposed to be very smart) but on normal I found it a little dull. I need to figure out whether that's down to the mood I was in or if it's something about the game itself.

Blacksite (360)

This game had a second demo put on Live this week to show off more areas of the game. Neither demo is really impressing me. The game borrows some of the squad mechanics from Rainbow Six with some of the themes of Gears of War (squad of soldiers against aliens), but without ever being as good as either. Maybe I'm just burned out with regards to the FPS genre right now.

One bit that annoyed me in the new demo was when I saw a person ahead, looking out of a building. I switched to the sniper rifle and fired several shots at him, none of which connected. When I moved a little further forward a scripted event kicked in which had him killed by an alien attack. Considering I only had a few sniper bullets that left me feeling a little cheated. But in general neither demo has left me interested in the game, with it seemingly falling well short of the best FPS titles released this year.
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Devil May Cry 4:

it doesn't seem to have moved on much, the graphics are a bit crappy in places (especialy the fogging on the snow part I mean c'mon I thought this gen would get rid of that) but overall its not bad, it very slick to play it just doesn't offer anything new
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Agreed. It's DMC that we know and love, but nothing more.
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Devil May Cry 4 - Playstation 3 vs XBOX360

I own both systems, downloaded the demos on both systems...

TV: Mitsubishi 73" Diamond HDTV (WD-73833)

Both systems connected via HDMI cables, same settings for each console.

Playstation 3:
First thing I noticed was the game plays in 720p... The details were crisp and sharp, Overall gameplay felt natural with the PS3 controller. Only issue I had was the camera control felt loose and a little difficult for percision control. Actual character movement and actions felt sharp and just as good as you'd expect if you played Devil May Cry 3.

XBOX 360:
The fact the game stayed at 1080p made me feel cheated when compared to the PS3 version, however the details and sharpness doesn't quite match the PS3, so 1080p isn't everything folks! Also noticed it was slightly brighter than the PS3 version. TV settings could change either one of the consoles to match the other, but it was something I noticed. Despite the fact I've been playing XBOX 360 games nonstop for a month and barely touched my PS3, the controls didn't feel quite right and some of my jumping around was more of a blunder. The camera controls felt stiffer and slightly more controllable though.

The game is on both consoles now, Sony fans can whine about it all they want, but they should look on the bright side... The PS3 version seems to have better details and sharpness compared to the 360 version, and call me crazy, but I don't quite feel the gameplay on the XBOX 360 like I do on the PS3. Both sport Dolby Digital 5.1 sound which comes out clearly if you have home theater system.

For me, I'll be getting it for the PS3.
I didn't like the DMC4 demo. DK is spot on regarding the massively unnecessary fogging in the snow level and unlike the first DMC, this game just didn't draw me in. The weapons are underpowered in the demo and on both levels I got fed up and turned it off. It was as though I was playing as a normal human rather than a demon hybrid thingy.
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i liked the game! though its a birthday/Xmas game for me.. meaning if someone buys it for me i will be very very happy!!

but i did enjoy the demo, probably because it hasnt moved on much.. its DMC!
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Devil May Cry 4 (360)

Echoing the sentiments already expressed here (and indeed across a lot of reviews) this plays fine but there's nothing noticeably next-gen about it. It feels like Capcom is playing it very safe rather than risking alienating the fans. I kind of lost interest in DMC before I'd even finished the first one though and I've yet to play the sequels (despite owning them).

Turok (360)

Depressingly generic. It's just another UE3-powered sci-fi FPS. Even the ability to dual-wield shotguns (a favourite weapon of mine) couldn't save it. I just ended up using the shotgun's alternate fire to launch a flare (which distracts all dinosaurs to a ridiculous degree) then strolling up to them to trigger the instant-kill knife attack. Didn't even finish the demo.
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Holy Thread Revival, Batman! Looks like we're getting back into demo season so I figured I'd revive this. I shouldn't really have let it die, to be honest. Coming soon: World of Goo (PC download) , Mirror's Edge (PSN tomorrow, Live the day after) and Banjo & Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts (on Live now), so stay tuned :p

Tomb Raider Underworld (360)

I think this demo is exclusive to the 360, which would be all kinds of stupid, but there's not much I can do about that. I really enjoyed the first Tomb Raider but not the sequels, essentially ignoring the franchise until Legend and Anniversary took steps to undo some of the damage inflicted on the series. Underworld reminds me much more of the original game than what I played of those that followed; large environments, exploring caves and temples, nothing but animals to fight off etc. Lara has taken a few tips from Altair in how she climbs (especially in the animation), and the level flowed well and had some nice graphics. Depending on the reviews I think it might be worth picking up.

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