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Good deals for gamers
Newegg has a good deal on PS4 controllers, in either black, blue, or white for only $39.9.
Just click on the color box for the one you
(BTW, Not sure why, but the camo one is $10 more though),

FYI, make sure you use this code at check out to get the extra $10 off........

Amazon Gold Box Deal for today.....

Just Cause 3 for only $44.99 on the standard edition,

Or $94.99 for Collectors edition(Includes official 24x24 poster map, 32 page art book, and a 15 inch display version of the grappling hook)
For you PC guys(and gals)......

At NewEgg

15% off select Activision "download"games, & there's 51 items there(COD. Spiderman, Transformers, etc).

Just make sure to enter promo code EMCKNNN63 at checkout.
For you PC gamers,

Origin is having a "up to 66% off" sale on games for PC & Mac......
BestBuy deal of the day

Deadpool for PS4 50% off

FYI, I received this in my weekly flyer which has some of my info in it, so you will have to find the link yourself, Sorry.
Anyone looking for a PSEye camera for their PS3,

DailySteals has them today for only $5.99(not sure if there's any shipping charge though)

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