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Hell has frozen over! Pigs are flying! A Street Fighter Movie SEQUEL is in the works.
Quote:Van Damme and Valance for "Streetfighter 2"

Obviously hoping to save his dying career, action-man Jean Claude Van Damme has struck a deal to star in a sequel to his 1994 flick "Streetfighter", based on the video game of the same name. Australian singer, Holly Valance, has been in talks with Van Damme this week about co-starring in the movie. She would replace fellow singer, Kylie Minogue, who starred in the original. Van Damme is said to have been impressed by Valance - who can apparently kickbox - but according to The Herald Sun the filmmmakers will still be auditioning other actors up until the last minute.

:ohyou: :ohyou: :ohyou: :ohyou: :ohyou:
where's that razor blade.....
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I don't know about you, but I'm looking for my 9MM. That way, it'll be a quick and painless death.

I hope Vin Diesel will play Blanka.


Edit : Van Damme... Has he ever made a good movie ? (no bloodsport sucked) :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:
Van Damme and good movie...Uhh...:uhoh:
Well, at least he has a French accent to justify the bad acting. And a belgian origin for the shitty fighting.

I'd hit it...


I just wanted a 7th sequel to that series of movies he's making with that wrestler guy.

*I can't remember the names*

Oh, Universal Soldier, that's right. Best movies ever made!

Ugh. He has no acting talent. He sure has had his fair share of nude scenes, though :eek:
Best butt cheeks ever.


Ok I should stop fantasizing about VanDamme and go back to work.

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