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PSX Extreme News - Now Updated Throughout the Day
The first post now contains a link to the dedicated news page.
Welcome bro, I always hated "big updates" rather then put it up as you get it.
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It would be nice if each continuous update immediately hit the front page, and then add to that as more news arrives. Nobody goes into the News link for the PS2...they simply read the front page.

Take the front page right now. It's newest update is 4/9, while there's three articles for 4/12 in the News section. In other words, people aren't going to see those articles (except the very select few in here who might read this thread). Regardless if you do continuous updates, it's basically worthless since they won't be read until the front page is updated, which is controlled by Arnold...and he's not everywhere.

I appreciate the hard work Chris, but it seems quite pointless unless the front page is updated in accordance with the actual news section.
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aaah... I thought the news section was where the front page stories got shunted to as the site is updated. I didn't realise there was new stuff in there that wasn't put on the front page.

I'll check it out from now on.

Thanks Matt:tu:
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Quote:Originally posted by Matthew S.
I appreciate the hard work Chris, but it seems quite pointless unless the front page is updated in accordance with the actual news section.

I agree Matt, however, it's out of my hands. The only person who can update the front page is Arnold.

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