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PSX Extreme's Editor's Picks
PSX Extreme's Editor's Picks
Yes, Arnold nominated a PC game.
Wtf, Arnold didn't nominate Snake Eater. BAD ARNOLD!!
We couldn't nominate anything that had been in the top 5. We figured everyone knew those games were good, so we wanted to round it out with other stuff. He wanted to nominate it though, so blame me for making the rule. Smile
Good to see some Karaoke Revolution love. I still need to get Volume 3.
Peter J. Skerritt, Jr.
Senior Editor, PSX

This Week\'s <B>Pete\'s Perspective</B> column: <A href=\"\"target=blank>Silence Is Deafening</A>
Frank will have a review soon. Word on the street is he performs a wicked rendition of Beat It, and his version of Toxic (from the 2nd game) rivals that of Britney herself.
Snake Eater is an exception to all rules! Sad

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