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Your feelings on old school gaming???
Yes, I have Wolfenstein 3-D on my very old PC along with Doom II. I remember spenfing my time playing those games a lot. I remember the Atari Jaguar had a version of Wolfenstein 3-D.
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I got into things on my cousin's Gameboy...I got hooked so quickly that I pressed my parents to lug their old 2600 out of the attic, and I loved every second I spent on that. E.T. Honestly. I remember playing Space Invaders and the original Combat while my friends were playing kickball. Sad story, really. It's a good thing I got so buff.
(*Note: Bryan is not really buff. This was intended to be sarcastic.*)

After the 2600 lost its appeal I bought an SNES, which remains my favorite system. Lots of great memories.

I think it's funny to think about how attitudes toward gaming have changed. Like I said, I remember a time when I was a pariah, an outcast, for playing them, but now that stigma seems to be dying; it's like things have come full circle, because now the 'popular' kids--at my school, anyway--are the ones who have PS2's and, more specifically, who got into gaming when I did and who know some things about the industry.
(*Note: Bryan is not popular. This was intended as a generalized observation.*)

Flame on!
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Odin I'm in the same boat as you on this one, I was into gaming long before it was deemed cool, or even acceptable. It was only really once Sony came along with Playstation that everybody either owned a console or knew somebody who did, and was proud to do so.
Things have certainly come a long way since then..

I've always been into it though, there was never a time when I wasn't playing games. From when I was only a few years old I got into the Commodore 64 and Spectrum 128k, and have kept playing games to this day.
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I still play games on my Genesis and SNES with regularity, and thanks to multiple Gamestop locations within a fair distance from my house, I'm constantly on the lookout for additions to my gaming libraries for both systems. In fact, I just picked up Super Punch-Out!! for my SNES within the past couple of weeks.

IMO, the 16-bit era struck the right balance between decent visuals and great gameplay. The 8-bit era was more about gameplay than visuals, and it can be argued that the 32-bit and current generations of gaming focus more on visuals than gameplay. I have a ton of favorites on both my Genesis and SNES, and won't ever part with them.
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I've been on ebay about four times, all ready to buy another NES (I gave my system to my cousin, and it's long since gone - along with ALL my games... sob). At the last second, I think "this is dumb, I'm never gonna actually play this thing..."

I don't know, you guys are getting close to convincing me to go buy another 'old' system.

It's been YEARS since I played an older system. Which has more good games, the NES or the SNES (after my NES, I was PC only until my PSX)?

The only game I'm REALLY interested in, actually, is Metal Gear for NES. I had that game, but never finished it. I remember it being too hard for me at the time. I think it was just a little bit above my level at the time. I'd love to play it again, though.
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Woah, I remember alot of people owning NESs, Gens, or SNESs. I must've went to a geek school, and lived in a geek neighborhood, and had a geeky family.

In fact, the kids that did not have a gaming system were somewhat looked down to in a way. At least that was the situation where I lived then. I don't know anyone in my particular circle of friends that did not own a SNES (beside me) - or another 16 bit console.

Gaming was cool then. It just wasn't as big, and as mainstream as it was today (saying that means that there were most likely less buyers, and less buyer that bought consoles for a game or two to then put it in the addict).

Edit : I have Metal Gear NES on my DC NES emu. It did not age well at all.
Well, I've been playing a lot of my older games the past few days and it was a lot of fun. I even started playing my Turbo 16 Grafx and having fun. I don't know many people that have one.
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Quote:Gaming was cool then.

Man, not where we were. Honestly, I confined myself to this small clique of pasty-skinned like-minded friends for fear that I'd be ridiculed if I associated with people who didn't play. Kickball and soccer were really big where I grew up...I couldn't play either. Man, that's an interesting discussion--anybody else have any experiences about conceptions of gaming among their peers when they were young? I think that would be fun to talk about.
--Bryan Keers, biggest badass ever
Yeah, but the thing is, we played b-ball and street hockey with the people that were also gaming... It was never divided into groups of interest - at least not when I was a kid.

Nowadays, however, is completely different. I know that some people look down to me when I say that I am a gamer, or worse, when I say that I am a console gamer. But I don't particularly care, because I get to look down upon these people for much worse reasons. Big Grin
I think with the game industry being bigger than film or music (in the UK anyway), that attitudes are changing. it amazes me that years ago everyone said that Gaming was a geek thing, that only pasty white kids got in to. These days there are now films being made from games.

look at the Matrix, its a very cool example. the first matrix was a film... the 2nd matrix film is also a film (d'oh)... but the game is meant to complete the story between these two films.

so if you were a die hard matrix fan (which many are) you will buy the game to find out more about the story and characters. with a budget of like 40 million dollars... you can do a hell of a lot.

funny how it all changes. look at what a celeb Hideo is now, 20 years ago you only knew Sir Clive because he was mad enough to get the Speccy up and running, and then he made the C5.. but lets not get in to that now....:lol:

it wont be long before we will be watching awards on TV for gaming, like the Baftas but for games.

I would like to see that.
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