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Full Version: Who all here is a single next-gen console owner?
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just wandering. I owned all three, then i dropped the cube. And i think the XB is next.
I am a single console owner and always have been. With more games going multi-platform all the time, it seems like a waste to buy more than one console just for a game or two. I think owning more than one console should wait until your second console has a well developed library of exclusive titles, and has dropped in price.

I guess if you have the money the you might as well go for it. However, I would rather spend that extra money on more games, or just hold onto it until the games I want come out.

Right now I only have a PS2 and can't imagine having bought any other console. However, I am starting to really want a GC but will probably wait a bit longer. There are too many PS2 games on the way that I want to get.
I only own a PS2.

I was interested in an XBOX, just for Splinter Cell. Now that it's out for PC, I just want the PS2. Like Rozencrantz said, why waste the money for another console when you can find them on the console you own.
I was until last month. With the all the consoles looking to have similar (and average) years in exclusive content thus far (aside from 1-2 exceptions per console), I had to get something else.
Although I own five different consoles, only one of them is still considered "next-gen", and that is the PS2.

I owned a GC for nearly a year before I parted with it. Why? For starters, the controller layout never felt comfortable. What's with the microscopic D-Pad and the gargantuan A button? Is the B button broken, or why does there feel like there's no spring? What's the idea behind the Z button, and why is it somewhere that doesn't feel intuitive? IMO, the GC controller layout is one of the worst ever, and certainly prevents multiplatform games from being any fun.

I also wasn't impressed with Nintendo's first-party efforts. I never bothered with Luigi's Mansion. Wave Race was basically an extension of the N64 game with better visuals and a few new tracks. NBA Courtside was a joke. Super Mario Sunshine was basically Super Mario 64 with a silly waterpack that I HATED. Star Fox Adventures put Fox McCloud in the role of Link... hey, whatever happened to the Arwings? Oh, yeah, you get to fly 'em for what... 5 minutes? Metroid Prime? Sorry... first-person games aren't my bag (unless we're talking Medal of Honor).

So... I parted with the GC, despite being in love with Rogue Leader.

As for the XBox, I'm really considering getting one, but it won't be until after E3 and any potential price drop and/or smaller system is announced. There aren't a lot of solid first-party titles there, either (sorry, Halo goes under that first-person rule), but I do want to play Shenmue II and Panzer Dragoon Orta.

Until then, I'm happy being a PS2 guy. The controller just feels right, and there are more games than I could possibly ask for that are worth playing, IMO. There's a nice cross section of sports, RPGs, music/rhythm games, action, and more on PS2-- and that makes me a happy man.
I've only ever had one system at a time:

Atari (VCS) 2600
DC (for about two days - bought it cheap, with 11 games, then sold them for profit)

I'm expecting a Sega Genesis I bought over ebay to arrive this week, so this will be the first time I've ever owned two at one time (except for the DC - I had that while I owned my PSX).
I could never be a one console person. There are games on every console that I must have so it forces me to buy everyone. Plus, I like to collect consoles. I have 16 videogame systems and I plan to buy any console that comes out.Wink I could not live a day without one of my videogame systems.Big Grin
im a single, im not tending to buy any console than ps2 unless i see changes.
Me neither i could never be one console person except one i was little and my dad bought me a Genisis but i still had a GameBoy!!!

I remember me and Arnold used to trade my Genisis for his SNES until we grew up and bought the consoles our selves. LOL!!!

But now i just like too many games for different consoles. Plus it get's boring playing the same console.
I'm a single console owner too. I have never bought owned any two systems from the same generation. The only system other than my ps2 that i would consider buying is an xbox. Basically because of halo and it has more online games. but that may not be until the summer when i can work more hours.
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