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Full Version: Are We Geeks Foir Playing Video Games?
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Everyone has a hobby. Some people are into comic books. Some people like to read super thick novels. Then you’ve got your serious movie buffs. For me, (along with reading Spider-Man comics, manga, writing and watching anime) it’s all about the video games.

I’ve been gaming ever since I was a wee lad of about 7 years, I believe. Since then, I’ve obtained a collection of 400 plus video games, across multiple consoles. Yeah, some people would think that’s insane but I don’t think I’ll be strapping on the white jacket anytime soon. Video games fascinate me. So many different genres, stories, characters and worlds I’ve explored, many of which have been accessible all thanks to what I believe is the finest form of electronic entertainment. Yet for all the amazement that video games have provided me with, I’m still baffled at the way some people see gamers: as geeks and nerds.

I suppose some people think gaming is still a form of entertainment that’s just for kids. I’ve read a number of times that a huge portion of gamers ranges from 20 and up. Hey my father is 49 years old and he still plays video games. However, if you told some of the skeptics and criticizers what I just said, they’d probably scoff. Some people will never understand why we gamers sit in front of our TVs for hours on end playing Viruta Fighter 4 Evolution, or why we get so immersed in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Well ya know what? Phooey on them. How is it that people can smoke weed, screw up their lungs and still be considered “cool”? Or how about those people that drink like there’s no tomorrow, party 24/7 and then wake up the next day paying their respects to the great porcelain god? No body really considers them to be geeks. I guess if you spend a lot of time playing video games you’re socially inept or can’t/don’t get/have a boyfriend/girlfriend. Whatever. Now I’m not trying to sound like a whinny little baby that needs his bottle or his pacifier. I’m just venting in this column I wrote.

Hardcore gamers have lives just like anyone else. We get up, go outside, work, spend time with that special someone, etc. We just happen to love gaming. We game because we like to have fun. That’s the bottom line. I don’t really think that makes us the geeks some people see us as. Now, on the other hand, if someone thought I was a geek because I still had a life, yet loved my hobby, owned a ton of games, spent countless hours playing games, spent a copious amount of time unlocking secrets on various games, knew exactly who was who for tons of video game characters, then yes, I would agree to being that kind of geek.
i think that if anyone tries to tell you that you're a geek because you do different things with your leisure time than they do, fuck them..not literally of course
I am quite sure that whoever calls anyone else a "geek" has low self esteem and needs to look in the mirror.
You're a geek if ALL YOU DO is play videogames and you know all the backgrounds for all the characters etc...
I know the backgrounds of all the characters to my favorite games....

but I spend more time drawing and painting than I spend playing video games, like WAY more time........
You can know the backgrounds of characters, the names, etc, but I don't think that makes you some kind of nerd. Its no different from someone that has 600 plus movies in their collection or from the artist that spends 10 hours a day immersed in his work.
I know bits of background but that's just what I take in as I play.

It's the people who spend time studying the backgrounds for all the games that we need to worry about.Smile
Quote:Originally posted by Gabriel013
You're a geek if ALL YOU DO is play videogames and you know all the backgrounds for all the characters etc...
Well, playing videogames is just about all I do and that doesn't really make me a geek. I play videogames almost the entire day and buy them constantly. Big Grin
nerd/geek: A person who is single-minded or accomplished in scientific or technical pursuits but is felt to be socially inept.

If all you do is play videogames and your social life consists of playing videogames with your other nerd friends, then yes, you're a nerd. Chances are if you have to defend being called a nerd or are offended by those that consider you a nerd, then you also qualify as a nerd. As for your example concerning drunks and potheads, please see the definition for "idiot."
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