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Full Version: What did you guys think of this years E3?
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Was it good? Was it bad? Somewhere in between?
It didn't go as expected for me in that the conferences I was expecting to be really good weren't all that great and the ones I didn't expect were actually better. I wasn't overly impressed with either Sony or Microsoft this year. Which in Sony's case is a little disappointing. But I unexpectedly enjoyed Ubisoft's conference though. And after watching Nintendo Direct, I decided I want a Switch lol. It was a weird E3 to be honest. With that said, there are a ton of new games coming out that look really good though.
Bit disappointed on what was shown but most of the big games are shown before E3 nowadays anyway. Looking forward to Spiderman and Assassins Creed and Need For Speed RDR2 next year and Fary Cry 5.