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  What's up my dudes
Posted by: KillaTequila - 04-27-2019, 02:35 AM - Forum: Gaming Discussion - Replies (6)

Does any one remember me from the original forum? Where is Ben Dutka?

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  Happy Christmas and New year
Posted by: frostface - 12-22-2018, 10:29 PM - Forum: Gaming Discussion - Replies (2)

I'm not really a Christmassy person but I respect that a lot of you are and I want to wish ye all a Happy Christmas and New year . Have a good one guys and gals Smile

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  Red Dead Redemption 2 - Your thoughts?
Posted by: frostface - 11-01-2018, 04:49 PM - Forum: Gaming Discussion - Replies (17)

It's hard to dispute that the game everyone is talking about right now is the already massively successful Red Dead Redemption 2. A quick look on Metacritic and the game is sitting at a very respectable 97 average from 81 reviewers and our own PSXE Review for Red Dead Redemption 2 also handed out a very rare perfect 10 score. Now that the game is available to everyone for almost a week, I wanted to see what you guys think of the game ?

Personally, I have some gripes. First things first though, I need to make myself completely clear here. I'm in no way trying to take anything from our main site review. Ryan really enjoyed the game and he put a lot of work into bringing a much more analytical review of his time with the game than I plan on doing here. Also, full disclosure, I've not finished the game yet so take anything I have to say here with a very large shovel of salt. I'm still very early in the game and my opinion may still change later and I won't be talking spoilers either and what I have to say on the game will be short and sweet.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is an amazing looking game with virtually no loading screens with a massive world to explore and Rockstar have absolutely nailed the Wild West setting. My first issue with the game is that they maybe did too good of a job nailing the Wild West setting. 
Skinned animals go off if not sold or cooked soon after obtaining them. Your horse will lose stamina quicker if you don't brush it down frequently. Make sure to eat regularly or you'll lose weight and this will affect your health and stamina cores and how fast they recover. Don't forget every time you get off your horse to check out an area to equip your weapons from your horse or find yourself without them when coming in contact with a rival gang or wild animals looking to attack. Don't get too far from your horse or it'll be out of whistling range and you'll have to go find it again. You'll also be constantly picking up your hat after it gets knocked off. In building the authenticity of the experience of that time and place , the game just feels like a second job. I know they sound like silly little things but combined they all add up and they're not fun. 

There's no fast travel ( at least I haven't come across it yet in my time with the game so far ) , which would be fine except that sometimes I'll find myself travelling very long distances with really nothing to interact with. Maybe the odd time there'll be a random encounter but they're very few and far between. In GTA, if I'm driving through the city I have activities thrown at me that I can choose to participate in or ignore but they at least keep the pacing of the game interesting. In RDR2, this isn't the case. In all fairness it probably should be that way. Not every game needs to be filled with fetch quests or meaningless checklists of activities that are only there to extend the running time of the game. But for me it doesn't make for a fun game after you get over the initial sense of being a wild west outlaw after the first couple of hours of game-play when you find yourself just holding down the X button to get from A-B and there's just nothing around to make the journey interesting. Yes this is probably what it was like to live back in the late 1800's and of course the pacing will be different to GTA. All I'm getting at is that the slow pacing just isn't fun. 

I also have an issue with the pretty bad friendly AI for my gang members during shootouts. I've failed a couple of missions not down to anything that I've done wrong. In fact I'd be really getting into the gunfights when the screen goes grey and a mission failed message appears because one of my gang died in the middle of the shooting. I don't have control over my gang members so I shouldn't be failing missions because the games friendly AI decides to stand out in the open and act like a bullet sponge. In one fight the game actually glitched and one of my gang literally just stood with his gun in his hand, down by his side and didn't do anything. He died while I was off killing the enemy and that was a mission failed. Thankfully it was close to a checkpoint so I wasn't sent too far back.

Which brings me to another annoyance, Game Saves. When I save a game I expect to be able to pick up were I left off. Outside of a mission, manually saving, backing out and loading back into the game again later rarely drops me back in exactly were I left off. This is annoying if it involves having to travel a large distance again to get to a mission I may have previously been heading to. There's no manual game saves during a mission, that shouldn't cost me my progress made during the mission but unfortunately in RDR2, I practically load back in again at the start of the mission because I'm depending on auto-saves.

In summary, Red Dead Redemption 2 is a good game despite all the above I've mentioned. It's a gorgeous to look at game and it's ambition is both it's strength and it's weakness. It's not a 'fun' game but it's a superb wild west outlaw sim. It's has some bugs which could be forgiven given the scope of the game and that they'll most likely get patched out anyway. The HDR I should add isn't true HDR if you have a capable TV/Monitor , you can read about that here , so the game looks dim and lacks the benefits you'd come to expect for HDR. I'm not really connecting either with the main protagonist, not in the same way as John Marston in the original game. But that's purely subjective. 

I'd really like to hear about how you guys are getting on with the game now that the initial hype has died down. By all means tear this post apart if you disagree and I may come back in a few days time after playing some more and tear it apart myself.

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  Upcoming Forum Changes
Posted by: Sidular - 08-18-2018, 06:44 AM - Forum: Rules & Announcements - No Replies

To try and encourage a more active forum community, we're going to be changing a few things 'round these parts. 

New Address
To start this off, we are going to be migrating our forums over to a new and far more modern web address! This basically means that psxextremeforums.com is going to be phased out, with our new address being psxe.net. The goal is to simplify everything, and make it so our community is more easily accessible by the general gaming public. 

Main Site Marketing
We're going to try and actively promote our forums over on our main website, which should hopefully translate to more daily forum participants. In addition to simply having a more prominent link over on the main website, we are also going to create featured discussions, and promote those directly on our home page. Again, the entire purpose of this marketing push is to try and increase daily forum activity.

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Posted by: The Benny (Macho) - 07-17-2018, 03:44 PM - Forum: The Forgotten Threads - Replies (4)

The forum's a little quiet right now. I figured it might be worth resurrecting the old off-topic staple of talking about the films we've watched.

The other day I watched Happy Death Day, basically a horror version of Groundhog Day. It even goes through the same Groundhog Day motions - waking up with a specific song, heading outside to a series of distinct events that make it clear the day is looping over, there's a montage where she just embraces the loop and has fun with it, etc. - but then the day ends with her murder each time, and it doesn't take long to establish that only by surviving the day can she escape the loop. I enjoyed it, even I figured out who the killer was very early on and I'm not sure the plot quite makes sense with its ultimate reveal. It's not going to become a classic like Groundhog Day, but I don't think it was ever trying to be.

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  Battle Royale Games
Posted by: The Benny (Macho) - 07-17-2018, 03:22 PM - Forum: Gaming Discussion - Replies (3)

This is the gaming industry's latest bandwagon to chase. Massive multiplayer maps that support a huge number of players, dropping them all into the game with a single life and no weapons, kicking off with a mad rush to find supplies and then squeezing the players down into an increasingly-smaller space, until there's only one player left alive.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and Fortnite are both incredibly popular due to the genre being something refreshing and a little bit different, so naturally the response of the big publishers is to do what they always do and focus on making their own battle royale modes, so that the genre can very quickly become as stale as the last trend they ran into the ground (MOBAs, I guess, assuming you don't count lootboxes). The next Battlefield and Call of Duty games will both have battle royale modes, several MOBAs have already implemented or announced battle royale modes, and the publishers who haven't yet announced anything have acknowledged they're looking into it. There are already a lot of identikit asset-flip battle royale games on Steam, and one studio in jeopardy after its own battle royale flopped.

I'd assume Fortnite has the bigger following here seeing as it's available on the PS4 and is free to play, and that's the only one I've played (though I did buy PUBG recently in a sale). I'm not a big fan of online shooters myself due to having no skill with such games and lacking the time or patience to improve. My experience with Fortnite is that I either die very quickly due to landing too close to somebody else, or I survive a long time mostly due to landing somewhere without any people. I've managed to reach the top ten quite a few times purely from not being able to find anybody while they're all off killing eachother. Once I even made it to the top two, though I think my only kill that time was whoever was in third place, and only because we were in such a tight space at that point.

So yeah, they're online shooters but bigger, basically. They do seem to be relatively streamlined too, the only things you work towards being cosmetic items. No levelling up your player, your guns or anything, no customising your guns with mods, no special objectives, just survival deathmatch on a grander scale. Are you guys playing a battle royale game at the moment?

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  Middle of Earth: Shadow of War Update
Posted by: The Benny (Macho) - 07-17-2018, 02:38 PM - Forum: Gaming Discussion - No Replies

Monolith are on the PS Blog detailing the big update to their game:


Essentially it's just a case of stripping out the microtransactions and the marketplace entirely, then rebalancing the game so that it's less grindy (because the grind only existed to give you the 'option' of paying to skip it).

Purely looking at the content it can only be a good thing. The whole point of the Nemesis system is that you build up a personal connection with the uruks/ologs, and that's already a little harder in this game due to there being so many fortresses and so many more captains and warlords. Just being able to get brand new ones out of a loot box - with better stats and abilities than the ones you encounter organically - was actively undermining the game's biggest selling point.

On the flip side though, WB Games still released the game with loot boxes shoehorned into a single-player experience, for no reason other than to try to extract more money off players who were already paying full price for the game and also maybe its season pass, and getting Monolith to actively make their game less fun to encourage players to skip content. They've only backed down because of the extremely negative player reaction, no matter how much Monolith are now having to try and pretend it's typical post-launch tweaking based on feedback from their 'fantastic community'.

What do we think? Too little, too late?

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  Detroit: Become Human discussion
Posted by: TrueAssassin86x - 05-30-2018, 07:35 PM - Forum: Gaming Discussion - Replies (1)

Has anyone played this yet? If so hows the game

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  Destiny 2
Posted by: frostface - 05-09-2018, 05:16 AM - Forum: Gaming Discussion - No Replies

Yesterday we got the second expansion called Warmind for Destiny 2, there's some info about it on the main site here .

So hands on, man I love this series. I hate it too, but only because I love it! I really want to see it do well and dig itself out of it's slump. I played the crap out of it at launch and until I exhausted everything I could do with my three characters and then it just felt 'meh' . So I put it down for a long time. I even forgot which folder I had it stuck in on the PS4 XMB. It was buried. However, last night I got on late so didn't get to play nearly as much as I'd originally planned but what I did play, hell yeh, I started to remember why I loved Destiny all over again. Admittedly this could be down to my taking time away and returning with fresh optimism and a want to feel like buying the season pass at launch wasn't a mistake, but I can say that what I did play last night, for whatever reason, was pure fun.

I played the first part up until Mars opens up for me to free roam about. I won't get into spoilers here but I did have a blast killing hordes of Hive. The improvements I most noticed , even had I not read the patch notes , was the recharge rate increase for using the supers and grenades. I didn't change any of my characters gear since I last played months ago and yet I was flinging more grenades and using more of my super abilities, so kudo's to Bungie for sorting that out. I also found the enemies where less bullet spongie, though headshots where always fun and open to one shot kills on smaller enemies. Taking down some of the bigger baddies though just felt more balanced. Not too easy but not frustratingly difficult either. Not to mention that Destiny 2 is a gorgeous looking game. The cutscenes are always breathtaking to me and the game runs so smooth. I don't have any way of measuring frames per second but why get bogged down with numbers. Just play the game and it rarely stumbles, at least I've never really noticed, even when there's large numbers of enemies on screen. And you know when you're taking on the Hive army, there's lots of enemies on the screen.

I'll try to keep this thread updated with anything else I have to say about Destiny 2 and this new expansion. Maybe in a few weeks I'll be back to giving out about it again. I hope not though. My hopes for the future of this thread and Destiny 2, is that I'll be in here talking about some badass strike I ran with my old PSXE crew or about the cool new exotic weapon I just got. I will leave this post on this note though, I really can't wait to get back on later tonight and it's going to be a long day in work.

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  Frostface joins the PSXE staff as a contributor
Posted by: Spartan119 - 05-04-2018, 10:28 PM - Forum: Gaming Discussion - Replies (4)

Hey all,

Just wanted to give a heads up that our boy Frosty has finally joined the ranks of the PSXE staff as a contributor, and his first piece went live today - our review of Far Cry 5!


Let's all welcome Frosty to the team!

And then go nitpick his review and claim he's biased Big Grin

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