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  Detroit: Become Human discussion
Posted by: TrueAssassin86x - 05-30-2018, 07:35 PM - Forum: Gaming Discussion - Replies (1)

Has anyone played this yet? If so hows the game

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  Destiny 2
Posted by: frostface - 05-09-2018, 05:16 AM - Forum: Gaming Discussion - No Replies

Yesterday we got the second expansion called Warmind for Destiny 2, there's some info about it on the main site here .

So hands on, man I love this series. I hate it too, but only because I love it! I really want to see it do well and dig itself out of it's slump. I played the crap out of it at launch and until I exhausted everything I could do with my three characters and then it just felt 'meh' . So I put it down for a long time. I even forgot which folder I had it stuck in on the PS4 XMB. It was buried. However, last night I got on late so didn't get to play nearly as much as I'd originally planned but what I did play, hell yeh, I started to remember why I loved Destiny all over again. Admittedly this could be down to my taking time away and returning with fresh optimism and a want to feel like buying the season pass at launch wasn't a mistake, but I can say that what I did play last night, for whatever reason, was pure fun.

I played the first part up until Mars opens up for me to free roam about. I won't get into spoilers here but I did have a blast killing hordes of Hive. The improvements I most noticed , even had I not read the patch notes , was the recharge rate increase for using the supers and grenades. I didn't change any of my characters gear since I last played months ago and yet I was flinging more grenades and using more of my super abilities, so kudo's to Bungie for sorting that out. I also found the enemies where less bullet spongie, though headshots where always fun and open to one shot kills on smaller enemies. Taking down some of the bigger baddies though just felt more balanced. Not too easy but not frustratingly difficult either. Not to mention that Destiny 2 is a gorgeous looking game. The cutscenes are always breathtaking to me and the game runs so smooth. I don't have any way of measuring frames per second but why get bogged down with numbers. Just play the game and it rarely stumbles, at least I've never really noticed, even when there's large numbers of enemies on screen. And you know when you're taking on the Hive army, there's lots of enemies on the screen.

I'll try to keep this thread updated with anything else I have to say about Destiny 2 and this new expansion. Maybe in a few weeks I'll be back to giving out about it again. I hope not though. My hopes for the future of this thread and Destiny 2, is that I'll be in here talking about some badass strike I ran with my old PSXE crew or about the cool new exotic weapon I just got. I will leave this post on this note though, I really can't wait to get back on later tonight and it's going to be a long day in work.

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  Frostface joins the PSXE staff as a contributor
Posted by: Spartan119 - 05-04-2018, 10:28 PM - Forum: Gaming Discussion - Replies (4)

Hey all,

Just wanted to give a heads up that our boy Frosty has finally joined the ranks of the PSXE staff as a contributor, and his first piece went live today - our review of Far Cry 5!


Let's all welcome Frosty to the team!

And then go nitpick his review and claim he's biased Big Grin

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  PS4 tops 79 million sold
Posted by: Spartan119 - 04-28-2018, 06:54 AM - Forum: Gaming Discussion - Replies (3)


That's, um, a LOT, right guys?

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  God of War
Posted by: Spartan119 - 04-21-2018, 05:49 AM - Forum: Gaming Discussion - Replies (21)

I am working on this review right now and I thought we needed an official topic for it because holy cow this game is AMAZING.

Are you playing? What do you think so far? NO UNMARKED SPOILERS PLEASE. While I will be playing literally straight though until I beat it, so that I can properly review it, please remember that not everyone will be playing at the same pace as you or I. Please mark spoilers.

One quick gameplay video I've taken, showing how melee finishers work

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  Podcasts and Audibles
Posted by: frostface - 04-13-2018, 05:16 AM - Forum: The Forgotten Threads - Replies (3)

So I'm always on the look out for recommendations for good Podcasts or Audiobooks so sound off (pun absolutely intended) if you have some recommendations!

One I'm listening to / playing catch up on, is called Tanis. I'm still very early on in the podcast, I think it's been going on since around 2015. Basically it's this dude trying to find out about this thing called Tanis that's surrounded in mystery and has a very Illuminati vibe to it. It's not bad. 

Another one I was listening to, in fact I went it through the whole thing in one afternoon, is called A Very Fatal Murder. It's from the guys behind The Onion website and is a piss take on the true crime Podcasts like Serial and S-Town, complete with hipster acoustic soundtrack in the background and silly fake ads. I found it really funny and it's only a few bite-sized episodes. Highly recommend it .

I prefer reading books over having them read to me but Audible do some 'Audible Originals', kind of like plays rather than a book being read out by one narrator and one I'm listening to right now which is really awesome is Alien : River of Pain. If you're into the whole Alien's universe, this one covers what goes down between the first two original movies (Alien and Aliens), following Newt and the downfall of the colony before Ripley and Co. head back there.

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  PSXE Game Club (Possible Spoilers)
Posted by: frostface - 04-11-2018, 04:51 AM - Forum: Gaming Discussion - Replies (2)

I'm not sure if this has been done yet on the site but think of this like a book club, but with games.

Maybe we can vote on a game, it doesn't always have to be a new release AAA, though if there's a big one out that month and people are into it that can be the game of the month. We can all come in and share were we're at in the game, share videos of something cool you did or seen in a game, if you're stuck on part ask for advice and just generally share in the experience of one game a month. Maybe there's a sale on in the PSN store and you think people might dig a game you've already played (they don't all have to be new games) and would like others to experience and its cheap, throw out a recommendation and if enough people are interested, that can be the game of the following month. Of course this does open the game up to spoilers and since I'm still finding my way around the new (and improved) forum features, if it's possible to white out spoilers, that might be the way forward. I'm sure we can iron out exactly how this works so throw out some suggestions for a game of the month for May.

I'm going to throw out a suggestion for May since it's cheap on PSN right now and some of you guys might already have it :  Mass Effect: Andromeda. I picked this up recently, it wasn't something I was too interested in from the start and the bad reviews and the general state of the game on release, from what I've heard anyway, was really poor. I'm only a little further in than the open tutorial area, so way too soon to have an opinion, though first impressions are that it doesn't feel like a AAA game worthy of the Mass Effect name and budget, yet I'm finding it's flaws quite entertaining. So does this sound like a game you guys can get behind for next month's PSXE Game Club ? I'll leave the floor open for suggestions.

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  Last game you completed.
Posted by: frostface - 04-09-2018, 04:58 AM - Forum: Gaming Discussion - Replies (13)

What was the last game you completed?

I'm guilty of buying lots of games and leaving them half done as my attention moves onto other things. I'm going to try harder to get through the backlog but I did finish Mirrors Edge Catalyst over the weekend. Really enjoyed it too.

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  Let's Talk About No Man's Sky
Posted by: Spartan119 - 04-07-2018, 11:06 AM - Forum: Gaming Discussion - Replies (20)

As you may have noticed, we recently ran an article discussing the changes to No Man's Sky over the years:


I thought it would be interesting to see what everyone's thoughts were, as at least a few comments on the article itself made it clear that not everyone saw things the same way as I did, and I'd love to get some more feedback, as we most definitely welcome different opinions on the content that we provide for you.

If you've played No Man's Sky, I'd love to know - did you feel like Hello Games misled you about the content of the game at launch? If so, do you think they've made good on delivering what was promised?

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  Do you Own More Then The Ps4?
Posted by: TrueAssassin86x - 04-05-2018, 08:16 PM - Forum: Gaming Discussion - Replies (1)

I was wondering does Anyone own more then just  the ps4 ?  I currently own the switch and xbox 1

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