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  bound by blood
Posted by: dillonthebunny - 05-11-2014, 04:42 AM - Forum: PlayStation 4 - No Replies

....I was clogging up the other thread, so I thought I would bring it out a little.

Frosty... Any further?

I was up till around 5am last night/ this morning on BBB, maybe it's fatigue or maybe it's my brain making damage limitation unconscious noises about paying a full price for this game but I'm really starting to get it.

The character you're playing is changing and I don't mean in any philosophical way either, I mean.. He's changing!

There a list as long as your arm about the things that aren't right about the game but the bits that are right are worth many inches of those wrong ones, lol

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  Demon's/Dark Souls director, Hidetaka Miyazaki is about to crown the PS4....
Posted by: Lotusflow3r - 05-03-2014, 09:14 AM - Forum: Gaming Discussion - No Replies

[Image: project-beast-logo.jpg]

[Image: large.jpg][Image: 1_72.jpg.1975489-field_fpi-news_fp_m.jpg]

[Image: 8wdsZ]

Miyazaki and his Demon's Souls team have been working at Japan Studio to make this exclusive PS4 game. Stay tuned people......

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  Do cheaper games make more money?
Posted by: Spartan119 - 04-30-2014, 11:44 PM - Forum: PSXE Main Site Topics - No Replies

Article that spawned this discussion is here:


The comments that prompted this thread are:

[Image: 1111_zpsfa79dda1.png]

[Image: 1112_zpsf20b2c66.png]

[Image: 11113_zpsec7097f3.png]

Here is the full article:


So, we have statistical data that emphatically states discounted games drive revenue. Are games too expensive? The sales data says yes, and I tend to agree.

Your thoughts?

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  Oh Great, A New Reason To Hate Call Of Duty Has Emerged.
Posted by: frostface - 04-24-2014, 03:02 PM - Forum: PSXE Main Site Topics - No Replies

Original Story

I'm just going to copy and paste from the comments section my take on this story to save time and so I don't feel like I'm repeating myself. But I'd be interested also in other peoples opinions here.

My comments from the comments section ...

Pretty crappy thing to happen but I've read this article a couple of times and maybe it's because it's early in the morning that i'm just missing something but how does any of this have anything to do with specifically CoD and why we should hate it more?

I should have been more specific. How is this behaviour directly related to CoD when the same exact thing happened to some dude who makes youtube videos of mmorpgs relatively recently too. I don't see why CoD is being specifically called out just because that happened to be the game of choice that both players were playing prior to this ' Prank '.

My point is that it could have been any game. If this guy has it in him to put in a call making these claims to the authorities, CoD had nothing to do with that. That's the mentality of this person but it's not the games design at fault. Or we're selectively choosing to say a psychopath who goes on a killing rampage in a school shooting but plays video games is not influenced by the games themselves but when it comes to prank calls it was the games fault. No it's not the games fault and therefore not another reason to hate CoD. This is solely on the shoulders of the a-hole who thought this was funny to do on someone and would have done it if he got shot with an arrow to the knee in Elder Scrolls Online.

Then further down the page Ben's reply to the topic (not a direct reply to my comments, just a contribution to the discussioon)...

Did the kid freak out over not being able to finish a crossword puzzle? Over a kid who told him some movie he liked sucked? Over someone who beat him in a basketball game?

No, these are the people who send DEATH THREATS to the makers of a certain product, and the people who, when hearing them online, one wonders if in the future they're going to be arrested or committed.

Sadly, this is hostile, insane behavior that seems to rotate around this particular industry. Not all gamers, not all games, but it happens. That's that.

Edit: I should also add that I don't see this happening with people playing games like Journey or even The Last Of Us online. This crazy behavior does seem to exist only in shooters and MMOs...the two online forms of entertainment I would actually deem addictive.

My direct reply to Ben ...

Statistically the reason it's CoD and mmo's is because they have the larger number of players. Nothing to do with them being addictive, they're just the most popular. It's absolutely down to the player him / herself and has nothing at all to do with the game. And of the millions of players who happily die playing CoD or MMO's it's a real small number of them taking it to this level of absurdity. I'm not saying there are no idiots paying CoD because we all know there's plenty but they're such a small percentage when you look at over all numbers of players. You really can't imo blame the game.

Ben ...

Baloney. Let me say this: There ARE forms of video game addiction out there and zero of those cases - from what I've seen - have anything to do with single-player gaming. True addiction in this industry has been brought on exclusively by multiplayer gaming on a huge level, be it a million people playing CoD all at once, or a million people exploring a giant world together.

That's where the insane behavior lies. I don't believe addictive and dangerously irrational behavior occurs in those sitting down to play a game on their own, or even playing other multiplayer games that don't involve such a huge emotional investment (which so many of these competitive shooters and MMOs seem to have).

Me ...

It's hard to believe I'm reading what you're saying. I mean I can agree with some of it but you're acting like people who only play single player games don't do irrational things.

The only reason you only hear about people who play only MP, or alot of, doing crazy crap against each other is because they're interacting with each other competitively (not calling gaming a sport but the competive mentality) and it makes a good news story to take a pop shot at gamers. But to suggest that this kind of person and mentality does not exist in the realm of single player gamers is ridiculous. That's not even an argument that makes any sense.

In all walks of life there's good people and there's really bad people and no game is solely responsible for turning a pillar of the community into a scumbag that does this swatting bull crap or worse. You haven't taken into account these people's interactions in society as a whole. What kinda life do they have? Real world conditions that made them into the person they are online. But that's not to say that this same type of person only plays online. There's more than enough who don't like that MP interaction, who are really antisocial, play their solo player campaigns then go out on a mad one and wreck s*it. Because you don't like MP and don't understand the competive MP mentality from your experiences does not place you into a position to act like you're an authority on what makes people tick.

Ben ...

You're too biased to talk about this, obviously.

I have a background in mental health. You don't. I am interested in what sort of cases come before mental health professionals in the realm of video game addiction, and I try to keep track of such circles.

You will not find one, not a single solitary documented case of video game addiction that exclusively involves single-player entertainment. At least, I haven't seen one in over 15 years. They're ALL spawned from the multiplayer world, for whatever reason. No, not "one" game has caused this. But the multiplayer revolution, starting with EverQuest, absolutely has. That's statistical fact based on who has been labeled - and treated - as having a clinical addiction to video games.

I never said people who only play single-player games don't do irrational things. Everyone does irrational things. I said this behavior stems from a certain type of virtual interaction, and that interaction has to include other humans, or this level of insanity absolutely does not ensue. At the very least, such a case would be in the extreme minority.

Has nothing to do with whether I like multiplayer or not. Has everything to do with documented behavior. Would this kid have "swatted" anyone had he lost to the computer in the campaign of CoD? Would ANYONE have ever "swatted" anyone else due to a gaming rage if only AI was involved? The answer is common sense: No.


So what do you guys think? Is Ben right?

"You will not find one, not a single solitary documented case of video game addiction that exclusively involves single-player entertainment."

Obviously you can see I don't agree with Ben on this story but think it's an interesting one and worth discussing.

I'm not a big CoD fan, I have the games but rarely play them but am I biased somehow? I play a lot more single player campaigns and do some crazy shit from time to time but never this swatting thing that seems to becoming a bit of a craze these days.

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  Final Fantasy XIV
Posted by: dillonthebunny - 04-16-2014, 02:47 AM - Forum: Gaming Discussion - No Replies

So..... Here we are.

Thought I'd restart this thread here as it's now out on the ps4.

So many questions!

So does anyone know if say I start in one town and say frosty starts in another if our paths will ever cross if we are on the same world?

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  Hype Website
Posted by: LegendaryWolfeh - 04-09-2014, 01:46 PM - Forum: Gaming Discussion - No Replies


Not sure what this is. But it's sony related :^)



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  Sell me Final Fantasy X/X-2.
Posted by: frostface - 03-29-2014, 02:21 PM - Forum: Gaming Discussion - No Replies

As the title suggests, sell me Final Fantasy X/X-2. Why should I want to play this game? As someone who's only experience with Final Fantasy is XIII, how is X/X-2 better? My own frame of references to the combat are YouTube videos and it looks to me (the uninitiated) to be just the same as XIII. I'm bracing myself to be put in my place about that last comment. Will I feel like a real badass by the end of the game after upgrading my character? Should I get this for the PS3 or for the Vita? Should I get it at all even? I figure we've enough Final Fantasy fans on this site who'd love to break this game down for me so here's your chance.

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  I have an important announcement!
Posted by: Spartan119 - 03-11-2014, 06:21 PM - Forum: Gaming Discussion - No Replies

Titanfall owns your face.

That is all.

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  Dark Souls 2.
Posted by: frostface - 03-08-2014, 10:43 PM - Forum: Gaming Discussion - No Replies

Dark Souls 2 is just a week out, anyone excited about it? I can't wait myself. I traded in the rather terrible Thief for a pre-order, though I knew I was getting this game from the moment it was announced last year. It'll be the last PS3 game I ever buy and probably will ever play, if I was to find out it was coming to PS4 I wouldn't bother with this version. Unfortunately though it's not coming to next gen systems.

Once the game is out, I'll be using this thread like the last Dark Souls thread for trading info on how to complete areas and other stuff that no doubt will be found online in Wiki's after the games release.

Roll on next Friday.

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  Lift the censorship
Posted by: Spartan119 - 03-07-2014, 12:00 AM - Forum: Feedback, Suggestions and Support - No Replies

We're all adults here. I should be able to say the F word if I want.

Not that I want to go around spewing vulgarities, but come on. Sometimes a well placed F bomb really punctuates things.

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