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PS4 tops 79 million sold - Spartan119 - 04-28-2018

That's, um, a LOT, right guys?

RE: PS4 tops 79 million sold - The Benny (Macho) - 04-28-2018

That is indeed a lot. Good for Sony. I know we spent a lot of time on this forum talking about their missteps with the PS3, but they've been doing really well this time around and genuinely seem to have paid attention to where they went wrong.

RE: PS4 tops 79 million sold - frostface - 04-28-2018

Excellent! Were we're at now with this generation, the sheer amount of great games, more importantly if we're talking about just one console, the amount of exclusives, shows that Sony really went all in when they could have set back after the really strong start with the PS4.

Not taking a dig at XBOXONE, it's just that they stumbled getting their message out at the start and Sony sensing blood just said all the right things and then delivered. Something I hear a lot of from the MS side is the lack of stand out exclusives. I don't own a XBOXONE but I believe that their latest version is powerful (only in console comparisons) and probably helping bring people back to MS, but I don't believe they ever recovered from that terrible original XBOXONE reveal, which basically did more for selling Sony PS4's than any strategy Sony could have thought up.

RE: PS4 tops 79 million sold - The Benny (Macho) - 04-28-2018

Microsoft did well last generation by capitalising on an overconfident Sony who thought they could make a complicated, expensive machine more focused on selling technology than actually being a decent machine for players and developers, and thought that people would flock to them regardless of how late they launched or how expensive the machine was. First-party support was always a weakness of Microsoft's even before they closed Ensemble and Lionhead, let Bungie go and lumbered Rare with making avatars and Kinect games, but it didn't matter because they were doing everything else right while Sony was doing everything else wrong.

The XB1's a decent console and Microsoft's approach to backwards compatibility is brilliant, but Sony aren't making the same mistakes as last time, while Microsoft committed to Kinect for too long to try and gain the fickle Wii crowd and were forced to keep the price of the console too high for too long. And, of course, Microsoft doesn't have the first-party support to be the underdog.