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Battle Royale Games - The Benny (Macho) - 07-17-2018

This is the gaming industry's latest bandwagon to chase. Massive multiplayer maps that support a huge number of players, dropping them all into the game with a single life and no weapons, kicking off with a mad rush to find supplies and then squeezing the players down into an increasingly-smaller space, until there's only one player left alive.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and Fortnite are both incredibly popular due to the genre being something refreshing and a little bit different, so naturally the response of the big publishers is to do what they always do and focus on making their own battle royale modes, so that the genre can very quickly become as stale as the last trend they ran into the ground (MOBAs, I guess, assuming you don't count lootboxes). The next Battlefield and Call of Duty games will both have battle royale modes, several MOBAs have already implemented or announced battle royale modes, and the publishers who haven't yet announced anything have acknowledged they're looking into it. There are already a lot of identikit asset-flip battle royale games on Steam, and one studio in jeopardy after its own battle royale flopped.

I'd assume Fortnite has the bigger following here seeing as it's available on the PS4 and is free to play, and that's the only one I've played (though I did buy PUBG recently in a sale). I'm not a big fan of online shooters myself due to having no skill with such games and lacking the time or patience to improve. My experience with Fortnite is that I either die very quickly due to landing too close to somebody else, or I survive a long time mostly due to landing somewhere without any people. I've managed to reach the top ten quite a few times purely from not being able to find anybody while they're all off killing eachother. Once I even made it to the top two, though I think my only kill that time was whoever was in third place, and only because we were in such a tight space at that point.

So yeah, they're online shooters but bigger, basically. They do seem to be relatively streamlined too, the only things you work towards being cosmetic items. No levelling up your player, your guns or anything, no customising your guns with mods, no special objectives, just survival deathmatch on a grander scale. Are you guys playing a battle royale game at the moment?

RE: Battle Royale Games - tlpn99 - 07-18-2018

I tried Fortnite it was deleted. All that way to die to have hve to wait for your team mate to die so you can start it again. One of my mates started calling it Fortsh*he lol.

I then tried H1Z1 didn't like that either. Defiance 2050 is a much more fun game to play the few times I have tried it. Yes it's an old PS3 game that's now on the ps4 but it can be fun. Some random had me join his team ad he hopped in his vehicle and beeped horn and I was able to follow him to where he wanted me to go. We played several rounds reviving each other when we died etc. Driving the vehicle is fun if basic and you get that pretty early on in the game. Give it a try if you have not tried yet. I will be playing it again for sure.

I hear of a Battle Royale game mode in any game and myself and my mates just roll our eyes and groan. Hopefully the fad will pass soon but I just can't see it somehow with all the kids being bought money for the in game items by their parents. Another cash cow for the game companies so I guess not lol.

RE: Battle Royale Games - frostface - 10-19-2018

I can't get into Battleroyale modes in any game I've ever tried it with. I spend my time landing on a map, running for long periods of time seeing no body, then I get shot from someone off in the distance somewhere and it's game over and I back out and uninstall. It's just not for me.

RE: Battle Royale Games - tlpn99 - 10-21-2018

So regarding the Battle Royale games what I said above. We have changed our minds now and have been playing the COD Black Ops 4 mode Blackout. It is a pretty decent Battle Royale Mode. There is no cartoony graphics likes of Fortnite, no building likes of Fortnite. No glitches like in H1Z1.

Overall the experience has been great and it is what myself and my friends have been playing with bits of multiplayer in between. When we get bored of multiplayer we have jumped back to Blackout. Been 4th and 3rd once. My mates have won a few times too.

Were not buying any packs or anything and just playing it as it is. It will keep us busy until RDR2 comes out that is for sure.