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Movies - The Benny (Macho) - 07-17-2018

The forum's a little quiet right now. I figured it might be worth resurrecting the old off-topic staple of talking about the films we've watched.

The other day I watched Happy Death Day, basically a horror version of Groundhog Day. It even goes through the same Groundhog Day motions - waking up with a specific song, heading outside to a series of distinct events that make it clear the day is looping over, there's a montage where she just embraces the loop and has fun with it, etc. - but then the day ends with her murder each time, and it doesn't take long to establish that only by surviving the day can she escape the loop. I enjoyed it, even I figured out who the killer was very early on and I'm not sure the plot quite makes sense with its ultimate reveal. It's not going to become a classic like Groundhog Day, but I don't think it was ever trying to be.

RE: Movies - tlpn99 - 07-18-2018

Thanks for the reminder about this movie Benny. I forgot all about this. As I love Groundhog Day I will give this a watch tonight and post my thoughts on it tomorrow.

I watched last night Hotel Transylvania 3 and enjoyed it as much as I have the previous 2. Worth checking out especially if some of you have kids it will keep them amused/quiet for a couple of hours. Also watched Skyscraper with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in. It was a cross between The Towering Inferno and Die Hard. Again a good action movie, suspend your disbelief where he makes that silly huge massive long jump off the top of the crane and your good to go. As an action movie it's ok to watch.

RE: Movies - The Benny (Macho) - 07-18-2018

That's the thing about The Rock. He doesn't seem to ever turn down a role even if it's proper junk (probably because his background in wrestling sets the bar very low for good stories or writing) but I haven't seen him put in a bad performance. Baywatch was deliberately stupid but he was clearly having fun.

I would be fine seeing more films just take the Groundhog Day concept and run with it because it's a neat idea, just making 'Groundhog Day but x.' Star Trek: Discovery did something similar and I liked that episode.

RE: Movies - tlpn99 - 07-20-2018

Loved Happy Death Day, was wetting myself laughing at the line hello Earth to Space B*tch then what time are you going to the party said in the sarcastic mickey taking way, I couldn't help but laugh, it was just so stupid but funny.

I areee with what your saying about the Groundhog Day concept. I seen that Star Trek Discovery episode and thought it was a great episode, few other tv series have done this before. The Tom Cruise movie Oblivion did it too which I quite enjoyed. I'd happily watch others like this too.

RE: Movies - mikkelkasper - 01-25-2019

New to the forum..i gather this is the best place to start since am still in awe!! 'GLASS!!' the movie is a must watch for anyone out there.
It is so dope,i can not understand why the critics are so against it..anyway that's their job ..should not stop you from watching what is probably the best movie
yo going to watch half of this year..M. Night Shyamalan did an awesome job here..The trilogy is quite underrated i think.