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The Controller People
(10-05-2017, 10:52 AM)dillonthebunny Wrote: And the million dollar question... Do you know how much it is?

I was looking at one a while ago where you could replace pretty everything on the pad, great idea, but the price was £130 the scuf infinity ... It's £200 on Amazon. But basically I could buy 4-5 regular PS4 pads for that price, lol.

But if money was no object then I'd probably buy that, I keep hearing great things about it, but it's not like it will improve your gaming, so not much use to me then! haha

Ok, so I started looking further into the scuf... On their website the scuf impact ranges from £125 - £135 depending on livery, it does look pretty good. Still more than I would want to pay at my level of gaming.

The exact same pad with various designs are being sold on Amazon for £281.... Ridiculous just isn't the word I'm looking for here.

The one I got comes to  £151.50 on their builder. Typically though, The Controller People are less expensive than the comparable products from other companies.

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