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Rules of the forum - READ before you post
Here are the rules of the forum. Thanks for reading them, you're off to a good start.

1) Don't spam this means DO NOT reply to a thread if you have nothing of substance to contribute.

2) Respect others opinions. Feel free to discuss and debate, but be respectful. We love all consoles here. Fanboys, expand your horizons. Feel free to discuss good games on other consoles.

3) Follow signature and avatar rules.
a) Signature must be appropriately sized. It must be no taller than 120 pixels and no wider than 550 pixels (120x550 is max). Also, ONE picture per signature, and the picture must be no more than 30kb. If you do not know how to make your signature under 30kb, please CLICK HERE to see how you can easily make your signature under 30kb. (No Animated GIFs)

b) Avatar must be requested

4) You will get banned for being an obnoxious jackass. If you troll, you will be asked to stop. If you continue to troll, you will be banned.

5) If you think we've moderated something in error, send us a polite PM, and we'll take another look. Flipping out will only lead to #4 (read above).

6) No verbal threats, racist remarks, or foul language is permitted. Music lyrics are an exception, but that is it. Use good judgment.

7) No offensive material to be posted. Anything with mass blood, wretched guts, disfigured bodies, among other horrific scenery will lead to a permanent IP ban.

8) No nudity of any kind (bras and panties are the limit). If you're going to be posting pictures of half-nude women in your thread, please mark the thread with "Not Work Safe". Nudity = Banned.

9) Piracy. Talks about modchips, instructions on how to burn videogames, how to rip games, and anything else that is related to pirating software (making illegal copies of games) WILL be edited and locked. Consistent failure to comply will lead to a ban (length pending). Exceptions will NOT be made. Threads about emulators and ROMs for OLDER systems (SNES, Genesis, N64, and etc) will be permitted.

10) Bait threads WILL be locked. This means "The PS2 Sux" thread you just started. Depending on the content of the thread, the thread creator will have disciplinary action taken against him/her.

11) Do not advertise your site, forum, clan, or lemonade stand in posts and threads. You may put a link to your site in your signature. It must be a clean site, again, no nudity, racism or illegal information. It must also not be a direct competitor of PSX Extreme or Xbox Nerds.

12) Female forum members are not to be subjected to vulgar sexual come ons. "I'd hit it", while a joke to some, is offensive to women. If you'd like to comment on the looks of your fellow female posters do it with respect -- avoid vulgar slang terms.

(You can say all the things you want about the babes in the babe thread (keep it clean!). They aren't part of our community, nor will they ever be. )

PSX Extreme and Xbox Nerds Staff
If you'd like to introduce yourself, please do so by following this link and posting here.

It will make everyone happy, and you'll look smart for having read the rules beforehand. Thanks Smile
Minor rule updates. Updated rule #3, 8 and 11.
PSX Extreme/Xbox Nerds Co-Founder & Administrator
14) Do not use terms that will make you appear to have bold preferences off bat. These tend to derail threads in a significant matter and they will be edited out of your posts. Examples are: 'M$, s-bot'.
[Image: MrSunburnMan.png]

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