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How long have you been single?
For me, it's 18 yrs., soon to be 19 in August.......I'm in no rush to get a girlfriend, i'm busy with college, work, and my friends and family, plus girlfriends cost a lot of money.....
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i guess im with shirt and saltine. im 16,still single and somewhat enjoying it. once i get a car though thats gonna change.
Quote:Originally posted by kupo00
once i get a car though thats gonna change.

yeah, youll be poor too.
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21 years....My life is as sad as shirts only I have money and my truck.
Why do.......when you can sit back and watch?

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Too long. I've been single for over 20 years and been turned down by seven different women.Sad
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Since I got in college, which strikes me as odd since most people tend to do the contrary in college. That's what engineering does to ya. Sad

But seriously, I don't mind it much when I am studying, since I wouldn't have much time to devote to keep a relationship healthy, but in work terms, such as now, it completely sucks. :boo: Sad

:lol: Best emoticon ever!
I so agree. :lol:
about 2 weeks
Constipated ppl don\'t give a $hit :rox:

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