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Console Gaming VS. Computer Gaming!! On On-Going Debate!!
I always get into this debate with a friend of mine. I am anti-PC gaming and he is very pro-PC gaming.

Personally, for me, I also don't like the idea of spending tons of money every year to update my PC. I think that PC developers aren't encouraged to get the most out of a PCs power like Console developers are. I doubt that you NEED constant upgrades to play most games, but it is easier for developers to always focus on newer technology. It wouldn't suprise me if mosr PC games don't come close to maxing out the potential of PC Graphcis cards and processing power. Why bother when these things are outdated so quickly?

Also I don't like the way PC gaming has become so generic. A large majority of PC games are all the same. BEing someone who can't stand FPS's or Real Time Strategy games, that eliminates like 90% of the games available to me to play. Also, I am not willing to constantly spend money on expansion after expansion, when they usually don't contain anything that could have been included in the game i nthe first place. It is just a way to suck extra money out of people. I can see releasing 1 or 2 expansions, but games now (ie Sims) are on their 6th expansion with no end in sight.

Also, I love the security in putting a game into a console, NOT having to take time to install it, and NOT having to worry about loking for patches. sometimes you still end up with a buggy game that requires more patches later on. At least consoles encourage testing to make sure a game isn't all messed up at release. If a console game is really buggy then people won't buy it. Unlike a PC game where people say, "Well, hopefully once the fourth patch comes out and I've restarted my game yet again, all the problems will be fixed." Too me that is just time wasted that could have been spent on a better game.

I also think console gaming is much more comfortable and conducive to having friends over for a game. It is much harder to gather around a PC than a TV set with a group of friends.

Despite all this, I can see the innovation in PC games. Well, not FPS' or RTS which I think are all the same (so I'm biased). And maybe not the hack and slash bore-fests of games like Diablo. However, having a keboard and high resolution makes for more interesting games. I for one would love it if more console RPGs took a page from the PC book of games. I would crap my pants if a game like Fallout was available for consoles. Also, a lot of sim games or games like Civilization just don't translate well to a TV set or console. Hopefully that will change in the future.

I find, on average, that most PC games have more depth than the average of console games. However, I also find it ironic that the vast majority of games out there (the most popular) are the most shallow games you can buy. By that I mean FPS's and Diablo type games.

I think consoles are the better value than a PC. Nobody should go out and buy a PC JUST to play games. If they do, they will probably love it, however, I personally feel the costs are way to high to justify playing FPS's. PC's aren't desinged for games, like consoles, but are designed for other purposes. If you are going to play PC games, you will have to be prepared for constant upgrades, patching, expansions, etc. If you are up for all of that then more power to you. I'll still pray for the day I can get the better PC games for consoles. Yet I'll dread the day that the other %90 of games makes the jump as well.

I guess this whole debate boils down to how you look at the issue. If it is from the POV of action games, cost efficiency, ease of play, etc then consoles are more appealing. If it is from the POV of technology, graphics, or a fan of FPS's and RTS then obviously PC gaming is the way to go.
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Quote: "PC's aren't desinged for games, like consoles, but are designed for other purposes. " (Rosencrantz)

i dunno about this. I certanily don't need a 2.4 GHz processor and millions of colors to type reports.
too bad that's all i do with it though.
No you don't. That's why there are low-end PCs.

PCs and macs, are also designed for software development, publishing, servers etc... They're supposed to be versatile, which is a plus and a minus at the same time.
Rosencrantz, I wouldn't agree that RTS's are a stale format, look at the radical changes to the genre that Blizzard put into Warcraft III; smaller armies, the upkeep system, heroes, items, experience, the day/night cycle, neutral buildings, creeps and more. They took the RTS format and completely overhauled it, to the point that Warcraft III is being referred to as an RPS (role-playing strategy) game.
FPS's do tend to be pretty simlar now, simply because 95% of the obvious content has already been implemented into the games at some point or another. There's very little new features that can be added now, but that doesn't mean that people should stop making the games. FPS's still have the ability to immerse you in the game world if done right, there's some great examples that have only come out quite recently.
Diablo II is still a very cool game, even though it's pretty simple to play. There's a lot of freedom in the way you shape your character, and it's a game I can go back to any time I want and enjoy it.

I don't understand the expansion pack criticism either, it's a point PC games have in their favour. Games like Warcraft III or Neverwinter Nights are complete games by themselves, nobody who has played them could say that either game was incomplete, but the expansion packs are going to be so cool, expanding the story, adding new units, features and abilites. They breath life into a game that you would otherwise grow tired of eventually. Surely it's better to have a whole host of new features added to a game you enjoy for half the price a year or so after the original's release than to wait at least twice as long for a full-priced sequel, essentially containing features that could have been added to the previous game?
I'd also add that the Sims doesn't count.

Some of your criticisms are valid, there's a lot of money in the hardware industry and newer technology is brought out long before it needs to be, but they're hardly essential purchases. If you buy a high-spec PC then that will last you a few years as is. Even if you can't play some of the newer titles at the highest graphics quailty you can still play them with a few options turned off, a lot of the fancier features are purely to exploit some of the cool features of the new piece of hardware and aren't necessary for the game.
Reliability is obviously the biggest point in favour of consoles, knwoing that a game will work as soon as you put in is something that PC's probably won't ever be able to claim.

I find console games tend to lack the depth of the decent PC games, and with downloadable content and expansion packs PC's just seem the better option.

Quote:I for one would love it if more console RPGs took a page from the PC book of games. I would crap my pants if a game like Fallout was available for consoles.

Kudos to you for the Fallout mention, a seriously cool series. Fallout 2 is probably my favourite RPG of all time.
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I normally don't get involved in debates like this, primarily because they almost never lead anywhere good. But I have some strong feelings on this issue, and I may as well say them here-

First of all, I grew up with PC gaming. My father had an Atari 2600, and officially, my first game was Pong when I was only 4 years old. But it was never my system, and I never played much on it. The first gaming platform I could consider "mine" that actually took up a great deal of my time was a PC; or, back then, a Tandy/IBM compatible. It had an absolutely archaic 640k RAM and the first games I played on it were text adventures, followed up by the massively addicting Ms. Pac-Man, Earl Weaver's Baseball, and Hero's Quest. It wasn't until the NES and GameBoy when I really put any emphasis on console gaming, which shouldn't surprise anyone, as most kids my age desperately wanted both. :p

Then, over the years, I began to split my time between PC and consoles. I'd mostly play PC games multiplayer, even before the days of online (hot-seat, anyone?) and console games single-player, but for the most part, I spent about equal time on both platforms. But then the PS1 came out in '95 and that time began to swing in favor of the console. Sure, technically, PC gaming was still far superior, and you certainly couldn't play on the Internet with the PS1, but that didn't seem to matter. I had found RPGs on the PS1 I could never find on the PC, and the more I played each, the more I realized just how different each one was from one another. However, during the years between '96 and '99, we had some amazing PC games (Baldurs Gate, Deus Ex, Diablo/Diablo II, HoMM franchise, etc.) so I never stopped playing PC.

Then, I started to consciously search for new and different games. It's a search that's on-going even today in regards to the PC, but I'm consistently satisfied on the console end. It's why I hardly ever touch a PC game, anymore. Despite a few exceptions to the rule, not a one is hardly any different from those original games that began it all- Half-Life, Baldurs Gate, and Command & Conquer. It's been over a decade, and the PC still, still refuses to expand into other genres. Yes, other genres are certainly represented on the PC, but the GREAT PC games are still all either RTS, FPS, or RPG (and only Western-style). And what's worse, they haven't even bothered to expand much on any of those three genres. Factor in the obvious frequency issue - we see far fewer top-notch PC games every year compared to top-notch console games - and the PC has become the single most stale gaming platform out there.

The PC doesn't do true action like DMC and NG and MGS, and although I know they've tried, it absolutely never turns out better than the console version. It doesn't do fighting. It doesn't do rhythm/dance or puzzle. It very rarely does platformers. Sports are always preferable on consoles. No Japanese RPGs pop up on PC while both Western and Japanese are very well represented on consoles. Technologically speaking, consoles and PC are just about equal right now, so which format you choose is based almost entirely on which style of control you prefer. And Xbox Live - and soon, the PlayStation Network - are just as good as PC online. Then there's the optimization issue between software and hardware, which is always, always a bigger pain in the ass on PC than on consoles.

To top it all off, and to drive my final point home, it almost never seems to have those incredibly original productions we're consistently finding on consoles (Katmari Damacy, ICO, Shadow of the Colossus, Okami, Rez, Gitaroo-Man, Deathrow, Twisted Metal: Black, etc.). In the end, I remember the years when PC games would frequently dominate the Game of the Year nominations for almost every gaming publication, and that's simply not the case any more...and for good reason. This year, we're looking at a possible console list that includes Mass Effect, DMC 4, MGS 4, Halo 3, GT 5, the VF 5, Forza 2, White Knight Story, etc. That's just a few, and I don't see the PC lineup comparing to that in the least. But if it does, I bet anyone a million dollars I can predict which genres those promising PC games fall under...'cuz it'll be one of only three possibilities. And now I'm done. Smile
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awe come on ben you should know better then to bring back a thread from 2003. I'm almost 100% sure people have changed there minds, I personally have changed my from the original post.

With the new consoles i think Console gaming is not only better but also better online.
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not bens fault. There was a spam link from that new memb KozhedubM. I nailed it but Ben posted. Good post though ben Big Grin
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To be perfectly frank, I'm not sure bumping old posts is a problem if they prompt more discussion and activity. How is that a bad thing? Wink
"Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools talk because they have to say something."
-- Plato

"Small minds are interested in the extraordinary, great minds in the commonplace."
-- Elbert Hubbard
I thought you were Ben?
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Ah, the memories of when i used to post...

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